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Things to Remember Before Going to a Waxing Salon


Heading to the beach is always exciting. You will finally get to wear your favorite pair of bikini, lie on the beach sand, and soak up the sun. It is one of the greatest ways to destress and let all of your worries go.

There are a couple of things that you should remember before heading to your trip though, such as buying sunscreen to keep your skin protected, making sure you have protective clothing, and of course, seeing to it that your bikini area is properly waxed. His & Hers Waxing shares some of the things that you should consider before getting your bikini or Brazilian wax in Midvale.

Take note of the length of your hair

The hair on your bikini area should be at least 1/4 inch long before you get a wax. The wax will not be able to pick up most of the hair if they are too short, which means that your money, time and effort will only go to waste. Your waxing specialist will most likely let you know if your bikini area hair is too short for the wax, so you can just let them know beforehand.

Do not get a wax right before or after your period

Your skin tends to be super sensitive three days before and after your period, which means that you will definitely feel a lot of pain if you ever decide to get your bikini area waxed during that time. Also, your body produces a lot of heat before, during and after your period, so the wax will easily melt off. Therefore, it will be much more difficult for the waxing specialist to finish the job.

The actual waxing procedure will hurt

a woman in a wax salon

If it is your first time getting a bikini wax, then you should know that bikini, Brazilian, and basically, any type of waxing would hurt. The pain level will depend on your threshold, so it is a different experience for everyone. Just prepare yourself and let the waxing specialist know that this is your first time getting a wax so that they can be gentler.

Prepare your skin

Aestheticians suggest that you exfoliate your skin first before getting your hair waxed. This will help you get rid of the dead skin cells and allow the hair to break through the surface. Also, inform the waxing salon if you have any skin allergy so that they can identify the right wax for your skin type.

Do not forget aftercare

Remember to care for your skin post-waxing by keeping it moisturized. If you have dry skin, you will likely feel discomfort the next time you visit the waxing salon, which should be around at least four to six weeks after your last appointment. Also, keep in mind not to take a hot bath, sunbathe, use perfumed products, or wear tight clothing for the next 24 hours after your wax.

Bikini waxing is quite a personal and up-close experience, so make sure that you are ready and comfortable enough before getting the procedure done.

Kids at a birthday party

Choosing the Birthday Party Venue Your Kids Will Love

Birthday party planning for kids and toddlers should be easy: you just invite their friends over, prepare the food they love, give them toys as gifts, and they would see you as their superhero. But most of the time, this is not the case. The process can be complex and demanding, sometimes, physically and mentally draining. Ensuring that everything is settled and the event will push through the way you planned it can be a challenge.

There are plenty of things involved in the planning phase. These include choosing a theme that your little one and the guests will love. The theme should reflect their interests and keep them engaged throughout the event. This could be your child’s favorite TV show or cartoon character.

However, if you really want your kid’s birthday party to be fun and memorable, you need to choose the right venue. The following tips could help you find the best birthday party venues in Kansas City.

Know What They Love

Pay attention to what your kid loves doing and use that to your advantage. If your child loves painting and drawing, then you might want to choose a place wherein they can let their creative juices flow. If they love the outdoors, then choose a place where they can swim, run around, or just do whatever they love doing outside. Ask the venue owner or manager if they allow for these activities or if they have the facility to accommodate the needs of the children. Make sure the venue allows you to decorate the place according to the theme or ask if they can do it for you.

Be Wary of the Hidden Costs

Some events place have hidden costs, which they would not disclose before closing the deal with you. To make sure your bill would not increase anytime soon, ask the owner or the manager beforehand if they have hidden costs. Do they offer the services of a host without any additional costs? Does the place cover the tables and chairs, as well as the decorations? It is better to be sure than to go over budget.

Location is Everything

Little boy blowing his birthday candleIf you want your guests to come to your kid’s party, then you need to choose a place that is close to where everybody lives. You should likewise ensure that the parking space is big enough to handle all of your guests’ parking needs. Make sure the place is convenient and easily accessible through public transportation.

Don’t Forget the Food

Food is probably the most important element of a party. Children will be hungry after the activities that you prepared for them, so it’s just right to treat them with a delicious meal. Keep in mind that some kids might have a food allergy, so be sure to ask their parents before you choose the food you’ll serve during the party. You may also arrange a food tasting session.

Talk to your child and ask them where they want to celebrate their birthday. Be specific, so their answers would be useful when it comes to looking for a party place. Let your kids and their friends have fun by choosing the right venue.