Couple planning for the wedding budget

Stay on Budget: How to Cut Your Wedding Costs

Whether you are on a limited budget or not, you should celebrate your dream wedding the way that you want it to be. Although it may sound almost impossible, there are many ways to reduce your wedding costs without compromising your big day. To help you with planning your wedding, here are a few practical tips.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Most brides assume that getting a wedding coordinator will only add up to their expenses. Little do they know that hiring a wedding planning can save them a lot of money in the long run. From finding the best wedding venue in Kent to getting the best deals from partner vendors, wedding coordinators can help you turn your dream wedding to reality.

Trim Your Guest List

Another easy way to cut on costs is by trimming your guest list. Although it can somewhat be emotionally straining, trimming the number of guests can help you save on everything. For instance, if you invite 70 guests instead of 150, and your wedding cost is at least $80 per head, you will be saving a lot by cutting 80 people from the event. This will make a huge difference in your savings.

Be Practical With the Dress

Woman shopping for a gown

Gowns usually take a considerable chunk of a couple’s budget. So, you might want to be a little more creative by choosing a more affordable fabric or wedding dress design with fewer embellishments. Also, you might want to check nearby bridal salons for dresses that have similar designs that you would want to have.

Rent in Groups

You can all wear black suits or even encourage everyone who will be attending the party to rent formalwear from the same bridal salon. Doing so may give you a chance to get a group discount or even have the groom’s tuxedo for free. If you want everyone to wear casual or semi-formal attire, then a nice suit will do the job perfectly.

Get a Less Expensive Car

Although getting a limousine is excellent, choosing a town car over it can still do the job but can also save you some money. Another tip is to rent an average-size car that will only fit you and your partner. You can ask the guests to take a cab or use a regular town car to get to the reception venue.

Book a Rising Musical Talent

Hiring a live string quartet can cost hundreds of dollars just for your wedding reception alone. If you want to have the same feel but in a much more affordable fee, you can hire music students instead. Not only will you be able to have the same performance, but you will be able to get it at a lower price, too.

These are just a few of the ways to help you cut some costs on your big day. Keep in mind that you do not need to spend all of your money, and eventually end up broke, just to make your wedding special and memorable.

Family in a colorful ski gear

5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Going to a Ski Adventure

The secret to having a fun and thrilling ski adventure lies with how prepared you are for the trip. As exciting and fun it might seem, people often commit mistakes they don’t realize until it is too late. Because of this, they end up ruining the whole experience and just simply settle for less than satisfying.

That’s why to bring you the most fun you’ll ever have during your snow adventure, you need to know what you must do to thwart them off. Listed down below are some of the most common mistakes you must stay away from.

1. Buying Low-Quality Apparel

People often have this idea about spending less on ski apparel could give them more savings when in fact, it is the opposite. You’ll be surprised to know that investing in high-quality ski clothing, such as women’s and men’s Descente ski jacket for sale can go a long way.

You can use them longer and are far more durable as compared to cheapskate items. More than just the brand, you’re paying for its durability, reliability and quality. So the next time you shop, be sure to consider good name brands.

2. Not Layering Enough

Just because you can stand the cold, doesn’t mean you’re dressing enough. The breeze is far more different than when you’re just simply enjoying a stroll outside.

Once you start going down the slope, the temperature can get extremely low and before you even know the cold is biting right through you. That’s why if you want to enjoy this moment, be sure you’ve layered enough for the activity.

3. Choosing Shades over Goggles

Skiiers wearing sunglassesAs much as you want to maintain your sense of fashion during the trip, you can’t simply exchange safety goggles over shades. There are reasons these are considered as the “proper attire” and that’s basically to ensure the rider’s safety during the activity. Besides, you’ll find quite a bunch of goggles that are both functional and stylish so might as well find one that will suit your taste.

4. Not Getting the Right Size

For your pants, boots, and helmet, size is everything. If you want to move comfortably as you get into the sports, you need to find the right size, not too big or too small. Otherwise, this could affect your performance.

You wouldn’t want to get an injury simply because you don’t have the right fitting for your gear. This is why expert riders encourage people to always try the fit first to see which size they are most comfortable with. However, they do not advise going for something loose or tight because it can definitely affect your riding experience.

5. Skipping Physical Preparation

Snow sports require extra effort and strength to execute. If you don’t prepare your body for this activity, you might end up with injuries. After all, it is still a physical activity which is why you need to prepare your mind and body for it.

To ensure you’re in the right condition during your adventure, be sure to engage yourself with enough exercise to train your body for it. In addition, working out can improve your strength, agility, as well as stamina.

Beware of these common mistakes to have a fun and enjoyable ski trip. Don’t be afraid to ask away if you need to know anything especially when it comes to snow sports preparation. The level of satisfaction and enjoyment you’ll achieve will certainly be measured by how well you prepare yourself for it.

radiant skin

More Skincare, Less Makeup: A Guide to Smooth and Radiant Skin

“That dude definitely spent too much time on his biceps and not enough on his abs. Totally old school.”

Disney’s The Lizzie McGuire Movie is arguably one of the best teen films of the early 2000s. Many people might have forgotten Ethan’s side comment about a little souvenir statue’s biceps and abs because of more iconic quotes — cue Paolo’s sweet “you shine like the light from the sun,” which probably made 14-year-old you swoon. Or Kate’s cold “you are an outfit repeater,” which forced you to recall every outfit you wore in the last few weeks. Or Lizzie’s vindictive “sing to me, Paolo” on cinematic live television.

Other notable quotes aside, Ethan’s comment about the little statue is a great fill-in-the-blanks statement for when you’re having difficulty choosing between two things. And, if you are a twenty-or-thirty-something-year-old, it is definitely applicable to the way you treat your face:

“This lady (or dude) spends too much money on makeup and not enough on skincare.”

Yes, it is a fact: If you wish to have smooth and radiant skin, makeup is not the ultimate solution. Yes, it can cover blemishes and add more color to your cheeks. But it cannot replicate the glow of healthy skin. So from making adjustments to your skincare regimen to investing Korean skincare brands like COSRX, you really have to redirect your spending and focus on products that take care of your skin.

Make Some Changes to Your Routine for Healthier Skin

herbal skin

Kojic acid, papaya, tea tree oil, witch hazel extract — these are some of the most famous home remedies for problem skin. You might be guilty of simply using a kojic acid soap, dabbing tea tree oil during acne breakouts, and letting makeup hide the rest. This is probably not the best way to address skin concerns.

As you grow older, your natural collagen production decreases. As such, wrinkles and dark spots are more difficult to get rid of. But why wait until then when you can avoid irreversible skin damage, now?

Toss out your drugstore-brand soap cleanser. Instead, pay attention to what you put on your skin.

Research on which type of cleanser best matches your skin type. Invest in a skin toner that effective balances your skin’s pH levels. Use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated (regardless of how oily you are — dehydration actually causes excess sebum production). Apply sunscreen even if you can’t see the glaring sun. And exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells that make your skin look dull.

This might seem like a lot of work at first. But the results will be worth your time and money.

With Dedication, You Will Get Your Dream Skin

Maybe you got used to washing your face with a generic cleanser, putting on tinted sunscreen, and layering it with powder foundation. Or maybe you got used to layering different makeup products on your face to hide wrinkles and blemishes and to make your face look airbrushed.

Old habits die hard. But if you make an effort to break free them for your skin’s health, then you will get beautiful results — literally. You can’t expect to have clear skin overnight but if you stick to a strict skincare regimen long enough, you will start to see its smoothening and brightening effects.

Great skin is the result of hard work and, as Lizzie McGuire says, “is what dreams are made of.”