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At Home: How to Protect Furniture from Your Pets

Sofas and pets usually don’t go well together. We still don’t know why cats love scratching on sofas and why dogs are so fond of biting on it. Most of them even prefer chewing on it rather than their own toys! Luckily, though, there are things you can do to keep this furniture safe from your lovely pets. Below, we will discuss how you can protect your new sofa from your pets. Keep these in mind before buying that sofa online or from a local shop.

Place a few pet toys next to the sofa

Try placing a few toys next to the sofa and see if your pet will pay attention to them rather than the sofa. If you have a dog, then consider placing something they can bite on. If you have a cat, you can try placing their cat condo or a scratching post near the sofa so they can turn their attention to that instead.

Not all toys will be loved by your pet, though, so make sure to choose the once that they truly love or else, they will still be nibbling on your couch instead of the toy.

Keep their nails trimmed

Cats love scratching on things, and unfortunately, they especially love the texture of the sofa. If you want to keep them from ruining the brand new sofa you just bought, consider having their nails trimmed regularly.

Now, you have to remember that cats can be sensitive, and they are usually not welcome to the thought of someone cutting their own nails. If you are not used to cutting their claws, have a professional groomer do it instead. Also, you should never declaw a cat since this can harm them. Regular nail or claw trimming is usually the key to a better-looking sofa.

Get a couch cover

If your cat or dog still wouldn’t give up on nibbling or scratching on your sofa, you might want to consider getting a couch cover. This will keep your sofa from getting damaged by your pet because they simply would not be interested in nibbling or scratching on it anymore. You can also try placing their favourite pet bed close to the sofa, as this is a great way to control fur dispersal, which can be difficult to remove from your sofa later on.

Give them lots of exercise

Dog playing ball

Dogs and cats usually have way too much energy, so you should let them play in your backyard to get some exercise. Dogs are especially super energetic, which is why it is important to take them on to walks regularly. Aside from getting your pet in better shape and health, you will also allow them to use up the extra energy they have inside their bodies. If you do not have enough time to take them on a walk, then consider hiring a dog walker or a sitter to do it for you instead.

Don’t ever punish your dog or cat for scratching or nibbling on your sofa, as they would not be able to understand what they did wrong. Apply the tips that we have discussed above so you can have a perfect-looking sofa even when your pet is around.

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Gel, Wax or Pomade: Which Hair Styling Product Is Best for You?

Nowadays, more men are becoming more conscious of grooming. In terms of hairstyles, men already have a lot to choose from. They can even change their hairstyle every day!

Most hairstyles require hair styling products to keep it on fleek throughout the day. There are now a lot of hair styling product types on the market that you may find yourself scratching your head as you try to choose one. To make the quest even more challenging, each of those hair styling products come in different types, too.

For instance, you can get Cantu maximum hold styling gel, then there’s also the Cantu extra hold edge stay gel. Hair waxes and pomades also have different variants.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the top three most commonly used hair styling products for men today: gel, wax, and pomade. By knowing what each of them can do, you’ll be able to know which product you should buy and use depending on the hairstyles you often don.

Hair Gel

Gel is a classic hair styling product. It is known for giving one a “wet” look, which is often regarded as old-school. It is the ultimate product for men who are hoping for an all-day style hold. It also makes hair styling a breeze, as you no longer have to dry your hair before applying it. Gel is also easy to remove from the hair, as it is often water-based.

With strong hold comes some downsides, though. Some may find the strong hold a bit too much, which can be considered one of gel’s downsides. Aside from that, hair gel tends to leave white flakes, particularly when you haven’t washed your hair thoroughly of products.

To avoid having those white flakes, you should make sure that you thoroughly wash and rinse your hair. Then, you should apply just the right amount of gel onto your hair, especially if you have thin hair. After all, you can add later as needed. Gel is best used on unruly hair that is harder to style.

Hair Wax

Most hair waxes available on the market are made with beeswax. As a result, they offer a medium to strong hold. Unlike hair gel, they do not have shine and leave a matte finish. Although wax can keep a hairstyle intact for the most part, it doesn’t harden the hair as gel does. However, wax can feel heavier or thicker than gel. On the upside, it can give hair the right volume without making it feel rough.

Take note that wax is more difficult to wash out than gel or water-based pomade because, you guessed it, it’s made out of wax. If your hair tends to become greasy by the middle of the day, hair wax can absorb the oil. However, this will mean that your hair wax will lose some of its holding power.

Hair wax is best for faux hawks, spiky hair, quiff, and French crop, among other modern hairstyles for men. It is also best applied to dry hair.

Hair Pomade

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Pomade is somewhat a hybrid of wax and gel. It offers a strong but flexible hold. It also leaves a finish that is in-between matte and high shine. Unlike wax but similar to gel, pomade is often water-based. Because of this, it doesn’t totally dry up and a pomade-styled hair doesn’t stiffen. As a result, you can choose to restyle your hair later in the day.

There are also oil-based pomades. These are a good option if you want to have more shine. Take note, though, that oil-based pomade is harder to wash out than gel or water-based pomade.

To use pomade, make sure you properly wash your hair. Then, towel-dry it until it’s damp. Scoop a little amount of pomade, spread it on your palms, then smooth it through your hair until you get your desired style.

Pomade is best used to achieve styles such as quiff, pompadour, comb over, slicked back, and side part.

Your Hair Says A Lot About You

Indeed, the way you present yourself matters a lot. Your hair, for one, can say a lot about you. With hair styling products, you can achieve any hairstyle that best represents you.