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Becoming the Ideal Man: Changes to Make in Your Lifestyle

Over your life, you will come across a lot of personalities that embody the ideal man in your mind. Dashing looks, muscular bodies, extravagant lifestyles, and stable careers are some qualities you wish you can attain as you look at yourself in the mirror.

Some people start to doubt themselves when they are nowhere near achieving their goal of becoming an ideal man. However, you will find that your idols made sacrifices and efforts to improve themselves. If you dedicate yourself to self-improvement, you can achieve your goal. Here are some changes you have to make in your lifestyle to become the ideal man you want to be.

Get into Fashion

Most men often categorize fashion as a women’s thing. However, you will find that it is also applicable to guys. The clothing and accessory choices you make will create a big difference from the person you are before to the one you want to become. You will find a lot of male models who are exuding class and elegance through the suits and shirts they wear.

Try your best to learn about fashion to help you gain self-confidence. Find the best clothing attire for the right events in your life to turn heads. Your watches, bracelets, and other accessories will also help reflect your personality. Making yourself look presentable will not only help you boost your confidence but also show that you are capable of accepting changes in your lifestyle.

Maintain Grooming and Hygiene Habits

hairstyle of menPart of becoming the ideal man you envision relies on your physical appearance. It will be challenging to keep yourself presentable if you do not have a skincare or grooming routine to help you. Messy hair, dirty nails, and scruffy beard will make you look like you are not taking care of yourself.

Maintain grooming habits every time you go outside. However, you will find that none of the routines matter if you have a smelly odor or bad breath. Grooming habits go hand-in-hand with hygiene routines, which is essential for every person. Use household items to help you keep yourself clean.

Enter Dating

Despite trying your best to turn your life around, you can’t cross the line if you do not try finding your partner. The experience will require you to enter the dating scene. There will be a lot of lessons and stories to learn from getting to know and staying in a relationship with different personalities. You will find that there are a lot of ways to meet with other people. You can try dating apps, go to public places, or consult with a matchmaker.

Keep Your Physical Fitness

A lot of people will tell you that the physical appearance of a person does not matter, but it will not hurt to improve it. Physical fitness will provide you with an aesthetically-pleasing look, but it also offers more benefits to your lifestyle. Sign up at your nearest gym for a membership and start improving your body. If you do not have the time to commute to the establishment, you can perform at-home exercises for about 10 to 20 minutes every day. You will also have to keep a steady diet to help you maintain your physical fitness.

Become Goal-Driven

The quest to become an ideal man will not end at improving your physical appearance. If you are dedicating yourself to the lifestyle change, your mentality needs to grow with it. Focus less on the aesthetics and prioritize the goals you want in life.

None of the repetitive exercises you finish will be more fulfilling than getting your ideal job or getting a promotion. Your goals will be your milestones when it comes to improving your quality of life. If you focus on your dreams, you will care less if people see you as an ideal man and more on if you are reaching it yourself.

You will have to undergo a lot of lifestyle changes before you can achieve your goal of becoming an ideal man. However, try to remember that the important thing is that you believe in yourself more than what other people think.

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How to Deal with a Receding Hairline

Are you worried about hair loss? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Male pattern baldness affects millions of men in the United States, with a receding hairline being the first sign of this condition. While usually attributed to aging and hereditary factors, there are certain things that can contribute to hair loss such as smoking, over-styling hair, and using chemicals to treat and color hair.

Here’s how you can deal with it if you notice it happening to you:

Get Botox on your scalp

Yup, you read that right. Botox injections aren’t just for the Kardashians — men can get them done too. When injected onto your scalp, it can reduce perspiration and induce hair growth. Since it helps you produce less sweat on your scalp, you won’t need to wash your hair as often too, thus reducing the risk of over-styling your hair.

Eat a balanced diet

A poor diet can absolutely wreak havoc on a healthy head of hair. If your hair isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs from food, it’ll be more likely to break or fall off. So, put down that pizza slice and stuff your face with healthy fats, fresh vegetables and fruits, and lean proteins instead.

Avoid heat-styling your hair

Blow-drying your hair after you’ve showered sure can get you out the door to work quicker, but it’s extremely damaging to both your scalp and your hair. Wet hair is also vulnerable to breakage, so it’s especially important to avoid applying heat to your hair immediately after you’ve washed it. You can either set up an earlier alarm for work or shower in the evening then let your hair air dry instead.

Consult a doctor

Is your hairline starting to look like your dad’s, or worse, your granddad’s? You might just need to consult a doctor. More severe cases of hair loss can be remedied with certain medications or specialized treatments such as a hair transplant or low-level light therapy. It’s best to speak to a medical professional to see which one works for your condition.

man getting a haircut in a barbershop

Stop smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is awful for your health for so many reasons. To add to the already long list of reasons you need to quit: it can hasten both premature graying and male pattern baldness. Save yourself and your hairline by kicking the habit. If you still insist on smoking despite knowing the risks, the only thing to ask is: why?

Disguise it with a haircut

Still got some hair left to salvage? Use it to disguise your hairline with a clever haircut. Head over to your barber and have him get creative by giving you a hairstyle that matches your face shape and hair type to hide a bald spot or receding hairline.

Stress out less

Stress can aggravate hair loss, so if you ever feel yourself getting frazzled, you have to remind yourself to chill out. Practice mindfulness meditation, yoga, or take up a hobby that puts you at ease — even if that hobby is something like knitting. Not only are these good for your hair health, but they’re also great for your overall health too.

A receding hairline isn’t the end of the world, but it can sure feel like it. These tips will help you combat and deal with this condition.

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Perfect Gift Ideas for Upcoming Holidays

Admit it, as much as we love receiving gifts during holidays, most of us are not that keen on picking out the perfect holiday presents for our friends, family, and special someone. The usual scenario is that most of us would cram for last-minute holiday shopping—often picking out a poorly thought item.

You are not totally helpless, though.

Although it is just the middle of August, it is not too early to start on your holiday gift list. In fact, planning your presents months ahead would save you the headache of choosing the best-individualized gifts to give during the holiday.

Not to mention, the strict governmental regulations brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the supply chain of consumer products.

With that in mind, listed below are some great suggestions for unique gift ideas that your friends and loved ones would truly appreciate, especially during these difficult times:

Potted Plants to Cheer Them Up

There are more reasons to give a potted plant as a present other than as a housewarming gift. Moreover, nothing says, “I want to brighten up your day,” much better than some lively houseplant.

Live plants are great gift ideas because they brighten up the room and are beneficial for your health. Studies have shown that indoor plants boost productivity, reduce stress, and clean the air by absorbing toxins.

You are hitting two birds with one stone if you give a potted plant as a gift! Not only is it a thoughtful idea, but you are also promoting the environment.

A Wellness Kit to Take the Stress Away

Another creative and heartwarming present to give is a basket of carefully hand-picked wellness kit essentials. Surely, a few luxurious scented candles, body scrubs, and healthy tea bags would brighten up anyone’s day.

With these unprecedented times, we cannot deny that most of what we hear from the outside world brings us stress. A small basket of unique and thoughtful items you can pick out from a local gift store shows how much you care for the well-being of your family and loved ones.

Home Exercise Equipment for Workout Enthusiast

During the pandemic, many people are stuck at home, almost doing nothing. With home exercise equipment as a gift option, you can encourage the recipient to move their body despite having to stay at home most of the time.

Unlike the ’80s and the ’90s, where gym or exercise materials are bulky and expensive, light and affordable gym essentials are now being sold online. Kettlebell, yoga mats, and other gym essentials are ideal gifts for your friend to encourage healthy living and productive activity during the quarantine.

Alternatively, you may also give your friend or someone dear to you other gym essentials, such as new training shoes, bags, and even a set of towels. This will not only be helpful during their exercise routine, but it is also hygienic.

Enroll Them to an Online Learning Class

If you want to offer a unique and worthwhile gift, you also have online learning classes as an alternative option. Yes, classes may now be considered as a gift in this digital age.

With the internet of things, information may now be bought and sold with just a click of a mouse. With websites like Coursera or Udemy, you can easily pick a crash course for someone you know.

The above-mentioned sites offer creative courses, business courses, and other interesting classes that will surely entice and engage students. If you like, you can even make it as a gift for yourself during this quarantine, for it is never too late to learn something.

Anything Customized

Close up shot of female hands holding a small gift wrapped with pink ribbon

Customized items are a sure way to get the attention of a person. If you want a memorable gift this coming holiday, you can start checking online for gift customization, especially that this process would take time.

Personalized gifts may come in various shapes and sizes. They need not be expensive. You can have a customized bracelet or necklace for your parents this coming Christmas or even fingerprint jewelry for your partner.

You could also simply buy a kit that will help you create the customized gift you wanted. However, if you lack the time and the talent to proceed, it would be better to let experts handle it for you.

The list goes on for gift ideas that you can give to your friends, family, and loved ones. Not only are the above suggestions appropriate for holidays, but they also work for any occasion, like when you just want to say you miss them or you care for them.

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Beauty Strategies that Truly Matter

Beauty is a controversial topic. The glossy covers of the magazines and media seem to hold its perfect definition. But the truth is, there is more to what these surface descriptions can offer. One must celebrate physical beauty. Yet, in doing so, they must go deeper. Here are some practical ways to do it.

Be Brave to Acknowledge Your Assets

The first step in embracing one’s beauty is to acknowledge one’s assets. Women should take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and see the features that stand out. Do you buy a hairdryer diffuser to preserve those beautiful curls? Then, celebrate those pretty curls. Are your friends always complimenting you for your tanned complexion? Go ahead and make it stand out more.

Women should start being kind and loving towards themselves. They should leave behind the standard set by society. Understand that beauty comes in different packages.

Enhance, Not Conceal

Applying cosmetics is not a bad thing. But one must go back to its true function. Makeup is supposed to make a feature more noticeable. A wise beauty tip is not to overload your face with color. Do not hide underneath all these applications.

A simple lip gloss and foundation would suffice. This is also an excellent way of being gentle with your skin. Makeup can make your face look sophisticated at the moment. But in the end, it makes your skin age faster.

Alter the Way You Think

Beauty starts with one’s perception. One good way to feel beautiful is to stop the comparison game. If you are always looking at what other women seem to have more, then what you have will never be enough. Women should also treat each other as allies, not as competition. If your friend has a very noticeable feature, give her an honest compliment about it.

Be your greatest cheerleader, as well. Believe in yourself, and do not wait for others to compliment you. However, you must be careful to draw the line to being narcissistic or vain.

Understand the Connection


One must go back to the true nature of beauty. Though it sounds cliché that beauty springs from what is inside, there is some truth behind this principle. You must understand the connection between how you take care of yourself and how it radiates outwards. Beauty is not only topical. Whatever you do with your body manifests in your physical appearances.

Are you drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated? Do you get enough sleep to let your muscles and skin recuperate? Do you keep your hair and skin protected against the sun’s harsh rays? These simple things can spell a big difference.

Treat Yourself

A relaxing experience rejuvenates a person and makes them feel younger and more beautiful. So, go ahead and treat yourself in an afternoon in a spa. You can also indulge in your DIY beauty routines at home. A bubble bath is an excellent way to decompress.

Stress is a natural beauty-killer. Pamper yourself to keep it at bay. You can make the experience fuller by inviting some of your girlfriends. This way, you get to celebrate more the connections rather than what is only superficial.

Feeling beautiful starts from within. It is not about the number of products you have at disposal. It is about using whatever you have to love your uniqueness. True beauty is also about being free from shallow standards. Go ahead and embrace your natural beauty.