The Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Your Hair Integrations

The integration of artificial hair works like magic. These strands add instant volume or length that would have taken months to achieve. As such, they don’t come cheap. A full head of hair extensions can cost $600 to $1,500 and must be taken out by a professional stylist every six to eight weeks. Taking care of your hair extensions will not only give you better hair days but also ensures you get the most of your money.

Whether you’re a newbie or a regular hair extension wearer, there are a few things you should know regarding aftercare. Following these pointers will make them last longer and save you from potential hair loss and other scalp problems.

DO: Use the right hair products.

Use moisturizing shampoos that contain argan, castor, or coconut oil to keep your extensions healthy and nourished. Choose leave-in conditioners to prevent dryness and tangles.

It’s generally safe to use creams, oils, and other styling products on your hair as long as they don’t reach the bonds that glue your extensions to the scalp. Choose hydrating serums and alcohol-free products for natural-looking shine.

DON’T: Expose your hair to chlorinated water.

Swimming in chlorine-based water can damage extensions, especially if the chlorine levels are incredibly high.

If you have exposed your hair to chlorine, wash it immediately to keep the chemicals or salt from messing with the adhesive. Chlorine drains the natural oils from your locks, so avoid using dehydrating shampoo. Apply conditioner and let it rest for ten to 15 minutes before washing your scalp thoroughly with warm water.

Leaving chlorine in your hair longer could cause color alteration and irreversible dryness. Better yet, protect your hair with a swim cap to prevent it from getting wet.

DO: Brush your hair regularly.

Brush your hair two to three times daily, but be careful of uprooting the bonds. One way you can do this is by pressing down on your roots while brushing.

Brushing wet extensions can strain and prematurely weaken the bonds. Using a detangling brush with nylon bristles will allow you to comb through the hair without excessive pulling.

DON’T: Overwash your hair.

The key to long-lasting extensions is continuous but gentle maintenance. Use the shampoo sparingly, and be careful not to bunch or scrub your hair as you wash it. Vigorous washing can stress and weaken your extensions.

At best, wash your hair every other day or every second day. Cleanse the ends and scalp thoroughly, but stay away from your hair’s midshaft. Doing so will reduce the risk of shedding and keep your hair extensions smooth and tangle-free.

DO: Allow your natural hair to rest.

Top view of young naked women with beautiful hair keeping her eyes closed while isolated on white

Common types of extensions are glued on your roots or sewn into your hair with a needle and thread. While it can be tempting to use extensions 365 days a year, excessive use can damage your scalp and real locks.

Taking breaks between appointments lets your scalp breathe and recover from any strain caused by the extensions. Doing so will save your hair from breakage and balding.

While no extensions will last forever, proper maintenance can help you enjoy them longer. The right products and techniques will make the difference in whether your extensions will tangle or be soft and healthy. Listen to your stylist and always prioritize your scalp’s health above all else.


Natural and Synthetic Gemstones: Similarities, Differences, and Popularity

Before we start, let’s debunk one common misconception about gemstones: Yes, synthetic gemstones can be as authentic as natural gemstones.

Following industry standards, a “real” gemstone doesn’t depend on whether it was made naturally or synthetically. Lab-created gemstones can be classified as “real” as long as they contain the same mineral makeup as natural stones.

To help you with your buying decisions, we’ll educate you on both natural and synthetic gemstones.

Commonly found synthetic gemstones

Synthetic or lab-created gemstones are named as such because they’re produced in laboratories. These labs use advanced techniques to recreate the time, temperature, pressure, and other elements to create different kinds of gemstones.

Here are commonly sold synthetic gemstones:

  • Pearls – Commonly known as cultured pearls, these are made by feeding a foreign substance into an oyster, with the sole purpose of getting it to form a pearl. It’s estimated that up to 99 percent of pearls on the market are cultured.
  • Rubies and sapphires – Lab-created rubies and sapphires have fewer inclusions than their naturally-occurring counterparts. In mineralogy, inclusions are materials that get trapped inside a mineral during its formation.
  • Diamonds – Lab-grown diamonds sparkle the same and have the same color and clarity as natural diamonds. The only difference is that natural diamonds contain nitrogen, while synthetic diamonds don’t.

How to tell if your gemstone is synthetic or natural?

If both synthetic and natural gemstones share the same mineral makeup, then how can you differentiate them?

You can differentiate natural from synthetic by checking its clarity. Most of the time, synthetic gemstones offer better clarity — they’re likely to be more vivid and richer in color. Also, they’re virtually blemish- or inclusion-free when you look at them. This is because they can be controlled during the production process. Natural gemstones often undergo other processes like heat treatment to bring out their natural color and to remove inclusions.

Popularity and value

Jewelry in box

According to a Future Market Insights report, more than 85 percent of gemstones sold in the market are synthetic. The study said that the versatile physical attributes and the relatively lower price point of lab-made stones would continue to position them as the preferred choice over natural stones. Gemstones like sapphires and rubies can be produced less expensively, making them less expensive for consumers.

Despite that, there are still many clients who prefer natural stones because of their rarity. For example, diamonds. They’re among the hardest materials on earth. They’re formed from millions of years of geological pressure and are extracted from deep mines in the earth. This labor-intensive process, along with tight industry manipulation and marketing, leads to a perception of rarity, that drives their prices.

Are synthetic stones inferior?

While synthetic gemstones are less expensive than natural stones, this doesn’t mean they are of low quality. Again, lab-made stones can be classified as “real” as long as they possess the same mineral makeup as natural stones.

If you’re thinking you’re not going to get your money’s worth if you buy lab-made gemstones, you’re wrong. They can be as authentic as natural gemstones, but only less expensive.

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The Skincare Beginner’s Guide to the 3 Basic Skin Types

The skin plays a critical role in how our self-esteem is built up or broken down. It’s a given at this point, considering how the skin is our largest organ and the most visible one. As we encounter skin problems while growing up, many of us start looking for skincare products that will improve the look and texture of our skin. Some are fortunate enough to need products only for maintenance.

Regardless of where a person stands on the spectrum, we must learn more about the basics of skincare. It begins with the type of skin we’re buying products for.

We discuss the intricacies of each skin type below.


The normal skin type is perhaps the most desirable out of the five. It is characterized by cheeks that aren’t prone to breaking out as well as a T-zone that is well moisturized. Another characteristic that individuals with normal skin type possess is having little to no visible pores and no severe sensitivity to skincare products.

Considering these characteristics, people with a normal skin type are free to try out any product they desire. However, it’s good to choose a cleanser that thoroughly removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin dry. Then accompany this with a moisturizer that can help bring back or retain the skin’s moisture.


A person with oily skin type can be characterized as those who have extremely shiny skin, especially around the T-zone. They are also more prone to breakouts, and, as a result, they can suffer from hyperpigmentation once said breakouts have healed. On a brighter note, most individuals with this skin type have high moisture on their face and are often less prone to skin wrinkling.

woman face closeup

To care for oily skin, they should go about the cleanser to toner to moisturizer routine before including other products. Skincare products that have salicylic acid and tea tree oil are highly recommended as well since they can help combat acne and are known to lessen sebum production.

As for any marks left by breakouts, products like The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% to Zinc 1% will do its trick, leaving behind blemish-free skin.


On the other end of the spectrum is the dry skin type. Those of us who have dry skin may experience flakiness from time to time. It is also often accompanied by the feeling of tightness on certain parts of our face. There are several causes to note when it comes to dry skin. The first one is genetics. Another is the hot environment.

Drinking water frequently may help with the dryness, but so do gentle cleansers and daily exfoliators that contain non-abrasive ingredients. Often, the exfoliator is partnered with moisturizers that are rich in marine actives and emollients, both of which can lead to smooth and hydrated skin.

With that being said, the first step to creating a successful skincare regimen is figuring out our skin type. As hinted above, this knowledge will help us filter out the countless skincare products in the market based on what is appropriate for our skin and not. Following this, we’ll have fewer selections to choose from, resulting in a shorter search and healthier and brighter skin in no time.

hairstyle of men

Gel, Wax or Pomade: Which Hair Styling Product Is Best for You?

Nowadays, more men are becoming more conscious of grooming. In terms of hairstyles, men already have a lot to choose from. They can even change their hairstyle every day!

Most hairstyles require hair styling products to keep it on fleek throughout the day. There are now a lot of hair styling product types on the market that you may find yourself scratching your head as you try to choose one. To make the quest even more challenging, each of those hair styling products come in different types, too.

For instance, you can get Cantu maximum hold styling gel, then there’s also the Cantu extra hold edge stay gel. Hair waxes and pomades also have different variants.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the top three most commonly used hair styling products for men today: gel, wax, and pomade. By knowing what each of them can do, you’ll be able to know which product you should buy and use depending on the hairstyles you often don.

Hair Gel

Gel is a classic hair styling product. It is known for giving one a “wet” look, which is often regarded as old-school. It is the ultimate product for men who are hoping for an all-day style hold. It also makes hair styling a breeze, as you no longer have to dry your hair before applying it. Gel is also easy to remove from the hair, as it is often water-based.

With strong hold comes some downsides, though. Some may find the strong hold a bit too much, which can be considered one of gel’s downsides. Aside from that, hair gel tends to leave white flakes, particularly when you haven’t washed your hair thoroughly of products.

To avoid having those white flakes, you should make sure that you thoroughly wash and rinse your hair. Then, you should apply just the right amount of gel onto your hair, especially if you have thin hair. After all, you can add later as needed. Gel is best used on unruly hair that is harder to style.

Hair Wax

Most hair waxes available on the market are made with beeswax. As a result, they offer a medium to strong hold. Unlike hair gel, they do not have shine and leave a matte finish. Although wax can keep a hairstyle intact for the most part, it doesn’t harden the hair as gel does. However, wax can feel heavier or thicker than gel. On the upside, it can give hair the right volume without making it feel rough.

Take note that wax is more difficult to wash out than gel or water-based pomade because, you guessed it, it’s made out of wax. If your hair tends to become greasy by the middle of the day, hair wax can absorb the oil. However, this will mean that your hair wax will lose some of its holding power.

Hair wax is best for faux hawks, spiky hair, quiff, and French crop, among other modern hairstyles for men. It is also best applied to dry hair.

Hair Pomade

man with nice hair in lake

Pomade is somewhat a hybrid of wax and gel. It offers a strong but flexible hold. It also leaves a finish that is in-between matte and high shine. Unlike wax but similar to gel, pomade is often water-based. Because of this, it doesn’t totally dry up and a pomade-styled hair doesn’t stiffen. As a result, you can choose to restyle your hair later in the day.

There are also oil-based pomades. These are a good option if you want to have more shine. Take note, though, that oil-based pomade is harder to wash out than gel or water-based pomade.

To use pomade, make sure you properly wash your hair. Then, towel-dry it until it’s damp. Scoop a little amount of pomade, spread it on your palms, then smooth it through your hair until you get your desired style.

Pomade is best used to achieve styles such as quiff, pompadour, comb over, slicked back, and side part.

Your Hair Says A Lot About You

Indeed, the way you present yourself matters a lot. Your hair, for one, can say a lot about you. With hair styling products, you can achieve any hairstyle that best represents you.

winter outfit

Fashion Guide: Stylishly Dressing for Winter

When the weather starts to get snow outside, you need to wear more clothes. The weather may be gloomy, but that does not mean that your outfit should be, as well. It can be a bit difficult to stay trendy when it is cold outside. The good news is that you do not have to compromise style for comfort.

You can be fashionable and stay toasty by keeping these suggestions in mind:

Check the Weather Forecast

Before you step out the front door, you should check the weather. While we know the weather will be cold, you should know exactly how cold it would be for the day. You do not want to lug around an umbrella, scarves, gloves, coat, or any other accessories when you might not even use them. If you know what the weather for the day will be, you will know what you have to bring and dress appropriately.

Wear Pointed-Toe Shoes

When you wear winter clothes, they can often weigh you down, which can make you look shorter. Plus, warm coats and sweaters tend to cover up most of your torso. You can make yourself look taller by wearing pointed-toe shoes. It is a versatile and stylish way to appear taller. We recommend that you get pointed toe boots for the winter. Not only do they go with most outfits, but they are suitable for the weather, as well.

Pick a Color Scheme

It would be best if you picked a color scheme when you build a winter wardrobe. When it doubt, black, camel, and white will always stay fashionable during the winter. Make sure you choose the colors that suit you. Soft white might make you look gorgeous, whereas a harsher white could make you look dull. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to stand out. You could pick a statement piece like a bright pink coat to go with an all-black outfit.

girl shopping for winter outfits

Layers Are Your Friend

The best way to stay warm and fashionable is to utilize layers. Layering your clothes is a great way to experiment with fashion. It lets you choose multiple colors and textures to make a full outfit. The trick to layers is to use lighter clothes to avoid being too warm. For instance, you could wear warm leggings or jeans with an undershirt like a tank top and wear a cashmere pullover hoodie over it, then top it off with a coat, a pair of knee-high boots and a few accessories.

Get Clothes Tailored

You do not have to throw out your entire fall or winter wardrobe because the clothes do not fit you well. You can have many clothes altered or tailored to suit your body type. For instance, merely fixing the hemline of a skirt can instantly make it perfect for you. It would be best if you also tried to clean up your sweaters. Sweaters can look a bit disheveled over time, so you can use a needle or tweezers to pull any loose threads or pulls back into the sweater. You could invest in a sweater shaver to do this quickly.

You don’t have to forgo your love of fashion because it is cold outside. By following these suggestions, you can stay stylish when it starts to get chilly.

black and silver wrist watch

Why You’ll Still Want a Wrist Watch in the Digital Age

Owning a smartphone can make your life more convenient. The mobile device allows you to access different applications in one device. This technological advancement, however, has affected the watch industry because your phone can also function as your watch.

Smartphone manufacturer, Apple, even created its own watch, making the tech brand the top watch manufacturer in the world. In 2017, the company outsold the Swiss watch industry, including Rolex, Omega, and Swatch, among others.

Despite the rise of smartphones and smartwatches, visiting your local jewelry store to buy a luxury watch is still worth it. A watch symbolizes style, functionality, and sentiment. It’s a timeless piece that every man or woman will need.

Some Watches Appreciate in Value

The value of luxury watches appreciate over time, like real estate properties or classic cars, but not as much. Not all luxury watches, however, are an ideal investment. Jewelry experts explain 95 percent of modern timepieces are not going to be investments.

Some models might not appreciate and not give you favorable returns.  After all, watches follow trends and you might have to wait several years before a certain style becomes trendy again. That’s why it’s essential to be smart when buying a luxury watch, especially if it’s your first time.

Vintage watches usually hold higher value compared to a new one. You can attend auctions where you can find interesting pieces with a low reserve.

Invest in Timepieces that Would Increase in Value

mabn checking a wrist watch in store

The size, style, and brand can affect the value of your watch over time. Several watches offer great returns, but two brands stand out among them: Rolex and Patek Philippe. The development of a watch’s value is affected by different aspects, such as:

  • Brand recognition
  • Exclusivity
  • Availability
  • Heritage
  • Demand

Rolex is one of the brands that present these aspects. It is in demand and has an impressive list of influential people who wear and have worn Rolex watches over time. The brand is also highly recognizable and widely available.

Patek Philippe shares the same characteristics, as well. But unlike Rolex, this brand is not widely available because it costs higher than Rolex. Patek collectors weigh exclusivity more than the other aspects.

A Better Way to Buy Watches

A luxury watch will cost you a fortune, making it crucial to choose the piece carefully before checking out. You should choose the model that best reflects your lifestyle and personal aesthetic as well as mechanical considerations. Identify what you need in your timepiece then look for the brand to fit your requirements.

Seek help from watch enthusiasts to learn more about the brands that will never lose value. Apart from Rolex and Patek Philippe, Cartier and Vacheron Constantin are also an ideal investment.

Once you have identified the style and brand you want, determine the diameter of the watch and width of the case. This helps you select the model that fits your wrist. A 38-41mm diameter watch is ideal for everyday wear and appropriate for all dress codes.

Technology has made the lives of many people more convenient. But it doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on traditional items like watches. With proper care and maintenance, a quality watch can be passed on and gifted to generations until it becomes a family heirloom.

man getting a haircut in a barbershop

Grooms Get It, Too: Ways to Look Like a Dashing Debonair on Your Wedding Day

Nowadays, the beauty industry isn’t catered to just women and celebrities anymore. Even the regular guy wants to look good and flawless not only during special occasions but also in their everyday lives.

But, the time when men really want to push the boundaries when it comes to grooming is on their wedding day. There is a secret behind that bridal glow that many women have on their big day.

Sometimes, no matter how charming or good-looking a groom is, he just can’t match up with his bride. Others would argue that it’s perfectly reasonable to let the bride shine on her wedding, but grooms have to do their share as well.

After all, he’s the first person the bride sees when she walks down the aisle, donning his crisp suit and one of the wedding bands for men he could find. But, why is it that despite all the facials, spa, and hair treatments, it still seems not enough?

Here’s the secret: brides start the beauty game much, much earlier than grooms. So, if you want to catch up, you have to start your pre-wedding preparations at least two months before the wedding. Here are some ideas on how to look your best when you say your “I do.”

1. Wash your face properly.

This might sound a little odd, but yes, you have to start washing your face properly as soon as you get engaged. And we’re not just talking about regular bar soaps from the pharmacy that completely dries out your skin.

Get a good-quality facial cleanser for men for daily use and some exfoliating scrub at least once a week. You’ll notice a difference in your complexion after some time.

2. Stay hydrated.

Drinking water isn’t just for quenching your thirst. It also does wonders for your skin at the same time. Increase your water intake way ahead of your wedding, and you’ll have clear, smooth skin on your big day. You might even rival your bride’s blush in the altar.

3. Follow a seasonal skincare routine.

Does your skin get extremely red during the summer or dry and super flakey during the colder months? Consider the season on your wedding day and plan your skincare routine accordingly.

Also, don’t skip sunscreen if you’re a wedding is in summer. You wouldn’t want to look too flushed on your wedding photos. If the big day is in winter, double up on your moisturizer.

4. Get the right grooming products.

mana applying moisturiser on his face

So, now you understand how important a moisturizer is. But, unless you’ve been doing it for a long time, it can be difficult to find the right product that suits your skin type.

Talk to a dermatologist and ask what ingredients you should look for on the label. Go to a department store and ask the consultants in different counters about their recommendations.

There are specific products for different skin conditions, whether you want to reduce shine, treat acne, or get something mild for sensitive skin. You can ask them to give you samples so you can test some at home before getting a full-sized bottle.

Girl with shopping bag

Anklets Are Still In and Fashionable (Really)

There is no such thing as an outdated style. Fashion comes and goes and comes back again with a new life. What was impressed as an old trend would certainly make a comeback at some point and when it does, being ready with your collection could make you a trendsetter.

Such is the thing about anklets. It was considered a thing of the ’90s but is definitely making a return in pop-style. If there is a good time to rekindle the value of your anklet collection, which has been sitting in your safe for long, it’s now. Good thing, there are repair shops that dig gold anklets for women and could easily breathe new life to old, worn-out pieces.

Anklets in Style

Anklets are ankle bracelets. They are jewelry worn around the ankle as a bracelet is worn around the wrist. They are made available in different styles and different materials. These accessories may not always be visible to the eye but with every step, it makes a subtle sound, which makes it sexy and chic.

While anklets did not disappear completely from the spotlight, some people ceased wearing them. But now, people are set to go. They may not be as huge a thing as before but they are definitely claiming some spot in the fashion scene.

A comeback meant new styles are also coming into play but the old ones would surely still look ‘in’. You probably just need to have yours tweaked to keep up. That’s where an expert jewelry repair team would come useful.

Where to Wear and How

clothes lined up in a store

Just like any fashion trend, there are no hard and fast rules for wearing anklets. You could do it any way you wish because after all, it is all about your personal style. There are, however, some tips that could help boost the value of your anklets. It would be useless to invest in a pricey anklet if it will not make its presence felt, anyway. Take note of the following tips:

* Anklets are best worn with cropped pants and skirts or any pair of bottoms that are cut above the knee. Then again, you could also wear it with a pair of long pants if you wish to make it a secret that would make you feel sexy from within.

* Anklets are also best paired with sneakers, backless loafers, and flats. But they are also great to wear while you are walking barefooted on the beach.

* Anklets do not choose an occasion. You can wear it anytime you want – at work, during vacations, when attending festivals, or any given ordinary day. Wear it when you want to feel good and feel sexy. That tinkling sound can surely make you feel great.

Again, there are no proper or improper ways of wearing anklets. Style gurus, however, proposed some dos and don’ts. Basically, they don’t encourage people to wear anklets with leggings or tights and high heels. It is also not advisable to choose thick or chunky styles. But you know what’s a definite don’t? It’s feeling embarrassed when you wear your anklets differently. Otherwise, you are good to go, whichever way you choose to go.

close up photo of woman's hands and feet

Skincare: Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet

Our feet are among the most overworked—but often neglected—parts of our body. Our feet carry us around the whole day and take us to places. So, it is only important that we ensure they are kept healthy at all times.

Taking good care of your feet and keeping them healthy is not difficult. In fact, this routine must be part of your daily grooming and hygiene habits. With the right foot care regimen, you can avoid any impending foot problems, which, later on, can be unsightly. These include calluses, corns, dry skin, athlete’s foot and infections.

There are several ways you can keep your feet nourished and healthy looking. It is very straightforward to follow and will not cost you much.

Foot and Hand Care Products

At first, I did not know exactly what to expect with the Handy Kit from Kedma Cosmetics. I used their hand and foot cream to help nourish my hands and treat my dry feet. The foot cream is to be applied liberally and massaged on the feet for better absorption. It contains all-natural ingredients, such as olive oil, lanolin, hamamelis virginiana extract, Dead Sea salt, and aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

Additionally, I bought the Golden Touch Nail Kit, too. The set includes a magic buffer, which is known to help stimulate blood circulation and enhance healthy nail growth. It also comes with cuticle oil, mineral-based lotion and nail file. The cream and oils have Dead Sea minerals, plant extracts and other natural oils that provide the skin with the moisture that it needs, keeping it soft and moisturized for a long period.

After a month of consistent use of the Handy Kit and Golden Touch Nail Kit, my feet were never the same as before. Now, I have smooth, deeply moisturized and soft skin in my feet and my toenails look healthy and strong!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it only took a month to rejuvenate my feet and nails. Also, my skin never felt so nourished and smooth. I could definitely say my feet feel great, and they are now smoother and healthier than ever!

Great Savings in My Hand and Foot Care Routine

close up photo of woman's hands, legs and feet with healthy skin

With the prices of foot spa and treatments at the salon, it is easy to waste your hard-earned money on foot care. But with the Golden Touch Nail Kit, you will save on expensive treatment and enjoy premium quality products with the best ingredients. You get to have lovely and healthy feet while saving money.

Ingredients are important to me, which is why I was happy to have read the labels on Kedma’s skincare products. I can assure you that what they have placed in every jar or tub of cream contains nothing but the best ingredients for your skin.

This luxury beauty brand offers a great selection for all your foot, hand and general skincare needs. I am very happy and totally satisfied with the results I got and will recommend it to everyone I know.

first date

First Date’s Firsts: Things to Help Prepare You for That Big Meeting

So, you’ve finally set a date — you’ve agreed to finally meet each other in person after talking for quite some time online. You’re feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness, and that’s pretty normal. After all, you’re still meeting a stranger.

It’s exciting as you’ll finally be able to put a face to the name and see the other person in the flesh. But of course, it can be scary, too. What if they turn out to be completely different from how you’ve imagined them to be or how they portray themselves online.

Whatever you might be feeling prior to that “big day?” they’re all valid. But you can still make the right amount of preparations to make everything right — or at least the things you can control. Going on a first date with someone you met online can be a truly fun experience.

This will also help you determine if you do have a connection, and it’s still a good idea to continue your relationship. Here are some ideas you can refer to make sure your first date is a successful one:

1. Make sure you’re really ready.

Your first concern should be, “Am I really emotionally prepared to meet that other person in real life?” Keep this mind: once you’ve finally agreed to interact outside of your laptops or mobile phones means you’re officially allowing each other to be part of your own lives.

They may still be the same person you met and built a connection with online, but it can be entirely different once they’ve come out of your small online social circle.

2. Come up with activities that you’ll both enjoy.

movie together

This is your first official meeting, so make it as fun as possible for both of you. Here’s how: In your many conversations and exchanges online, we’re pretty sure you’ve tackled several things about your interests, favorite food, and hobbies, among others.

Use all the information you’ve gathered and looked for the best place and the most suitable activities that will not only be fun for you but for your date as well. Whether it’s in a bar restaurant in Spring Hills, KS, a bowling alley, a skating rink, museums or galleries, make sure it’s somewhere that you’ll both be comfortable. Doing fun activities together will also lessen any awkward moments.

3. Arrive on time.

Be punctual and respect the other person’s schedule. Never, ever show up late. Remember, the other person also spared a fraction of their time to meet you, so be respectful of that. Showing up late will also not leave a good first impression.

The other person may see it as a sign that you’re not being sincere about making the relationship work in real life. Do everything you can to be on time and look ready, prepared, and serious.

4. Make your date feel comfortable around you.

This should be your main priority, especially if you’re a guy meeting a girl. This is also true if the other person is the extroverted type. Make sure you’ve consulted the other person about where you’re meeting, and be open to making compromises as long as it’s something you both agree with. Go somewhere you’re both familiar with to avoid making the first date too overwhelming.

Keep all these things in mind and have a fun-filled first date. Good luck!