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Top Things to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Weddings are very special because they are intimate and romantic events. These bring two people together and bind them as one. The wedding day is the start of a new chapter in a couple’s lives. They will be sharing a house and living together to build a family. The event is special for the couple and their friends and family, which is why it’s important to plan it carefully.

Planning your own wedding can be a challenging task though, as you would need to think about many things, including the catering and food, the cake, decors, tables and chairs, sound system, and of course, the venue. Choosing the right venue is important to make sure everyone who’s attending your wedding ceremony and reception will be comfortable. Make sure the location is accessible and has sufficient parking spaces for the guests.

If you’re planning to tie the knot in Minnesota, you can find a variety of wedding venues that will suit your budget and personal preferences. Here are some of the things you need to remember when choosing an event center in Lowertown, St. Paul for your wedding reception:

The Area’s Capacity

Finish your guest list early and count all of the people that have already responded to your RSVP. Look for specific venues and locations that are big enough to handle the headcount, so you would not get into trouble during your wedding.

In addition, be sure to get a few extra seats so that when some people arrive unexpectedly, you can let them in. A contingency plan is a must during any type of event. You’ll never know what might happen, so it’s best to have a plan B.

Choose a Theme

Wedding couple with bluish themeTalk to your partner and discuss the theme that you want for your wedding. You can go for formal, boho, rustic, low-key, vintage, artistic, etc. Modern weddings are now usually held in barns, galleries, tents, and beaches, so you have the freedom to choose a theme that you and your partner will love. You should also choose between an indoor or outdoor wedding to find out which type of venue is appropriate. Once you have a theme, inform your wedding planner and the venue about it, so they can make the right preparations.

Ask About the Catering

Some venues do not allow couples to bring in their own caterers, which means you will have no choice but to hire their in-house caterer. If you are planning to bring your own caterer, then go ahead and ask about it firsthand. If they don’t allow it, then ask for their menu and see if they charge a cake-cutting fee for bringing your own wedding cake.

Arrange a food tasting session, so you and your partner can decide which food to serve during your wedding reception. This is important, especially if some of the guests you invited have personal, religious, or cultural preferences when it comes to food.

Talking to the owners and managers and looking around the area is key to ensuring a successful wedding reception and venue. Check the options you have and do not rush into things.

Barn Wedding

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Barn Wedding Reception

The reception is definitely one of the most important parts of a wedding. It brings the lovely couple together with both sides of the family, and it is also where loved ones give their speeches out to the newlyweds. If you are thinking of going rustic for your reception, here are some tips for making sure your barn wedding in Minnesota becomes a huge success.

Use the ceiling height to your advantage

Most barn wedding venues have a high ceiling height. Use this to your advantage by hanging beautiful crystal chandeliers or something that gives a similar effect. This will immediately give your reception a rustic yet elegant feel, and your pictures will surely look amazing!

Pair the stationery with your overall design

Set the tone right by keeping the stationery paired up with your wedding’s overall design and theme. If you are going for a rustic type of lighting and wall decor, then you should do the same with your invitations and other stationery materials. You can even ask the caterer to design the menu the way you would plan the whole place.

Hang some fabrics

Wedding reception in a barn setup

Keep the setting rustic yet intimate by placing a couple of hanging fabrics in the background. White and sheer fabrics are mostly what people go for when it comes to weddings, as they immediately give out a comfortable vibe. If you are not sure how to design it yourself, ask for some help from your family, friends, or even from a professional wedding or event organizer.

Insect-proof the area

Insects can be unwanted guests at your wedding reception. Therefore, one thing you should not forget to do is place citronella candles around the barn to keep these pests away. You should also provide little bottles of bug sprays, particularly in the entrance area and the bathroom, so that your guests can stay safe from bug bites the whole night.

Prepare for the weather

You can never tell for sure what the weather is going to be on your big day. So, make sure to be prepared in case bad weather suddenly decides to make a visit. Have a backup plan. Set up tents in your venue. Provide heating or cooling systems, and make sure your guests stay comfortable.

Utilize the outdoor space for entertainment

Take advantage of the vast outdoor space by having live music and letting your guests dance their hearts out. This will not only make your reception more fun but also encourage guests to interact with each other. You can also facilitate some games children and adults alike can truly enjoy.

Always ask for your partner’s opinion when it comes to designing the wedding reception venue. This will help the event become even more successful, beautiful, and ultimately memorable. You can also consider hiring a professional event or wedding planner to make sure your big day will be a huge success and a big hit to the crowd. This is one of the biggest events in your lifetime, so make sure to plan it according to what will make you and your partner happy.

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Ideas for Matching Your Headboard Style to the Bedroom’s Theme

You have different options for your bed’s headboard, but one of the best that you can pick is an upholstered headboard. This allows you to sit up comfortably in your bed and at the same time, lends a luxurious feel to your room.

When buying an upholstered headboard, you will have to evaluate two primary elements, namely fabric and style. While the fabric might be easy to pick, the style options available at mattress stores like 2 Brothers Mattress are vast. As such, it might be a challenge to select the ideal one for your bedroom space.

Here is a guide to help you match the choice of your headboard style to the overall theme of your bedroom.

Romantic Bedrooms

You can add a romantic look to your bedroom with a tall curved upholstered headboard. To add a luxurious feel to your romantic theme, opt for a headboard with rich jewel-toned satin or plush button-tufted white velvet. This will create a bedroom fit for a king and a queen.

Classic Bedrooms

A classic bedroom theme does not mean a boring one. You can make a classic theme stand out with an upholstered headboard with a corded border. Go for creamy white stripes mixed with navy, charcoal or black for a formal headboard look. The pinstripes will also create a casual overall appearance to your bedroom.

Eclectic Bedrooms

For the artistic people, an eclectic bedroom makes a perfect fit. Headboards in printed fabrics with minimal headboard padding are the best choice to set your wild side free. Tropical, vibrant colors are your best choice for the headboard.

a king-sized bed

Bold Bedrooms

If you are the type of person who likes to take risks in designing your space, why don’t you go for an ornamented headboard, complete with flashy fabric, bright colors and bold patterns? Make this stand up to the boldness of the rest of the room, but make sure to keep every little detail cohesive.

Luxurious Bedrooms

Go all the way in terms of luxury by choosing velvet as the material of your headboard and chocolate brown as the primary color. You can also add royal curtains behind it and then plush pillows and linens on your mattress to add an even more elegant feel to your bedroom space.

Monochromatic Bedrooms

If you like the interiors of your bedroom to look not too bold but at the same time, not boring, go for something in between. Make sure that the colors of your wall and headboard complement each other so that there will be not too much contrast but only subtle changes in the overall look of your space.

Your headboard covers the most substantial portion of your bedroom and can hence be used as the focal point of your bedroom’s theme. With a greatly designed headboard, you will get to not only make your bedroom more comfortable and cozy but also improve the overall aesthetics of the whole space. With this guide, you are in an excellent position to pick the best style for your headboard.

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Things to Remember Before Going to a Waxing Salon


Heading to the beach is always exciting. You will finally get to wear your favorite pair of bikini, lie on the beach sand, and soak up the sun. It is one of the greatest ways to destress and let all of your worries go.

There are a couple of things that you should remember before heading to your trip though, such as buying sunscreen to keep your skin protected, making sure you have protective clothing, and of course, seeing to it that your bikini area is properly waxed. His & Hers Waxing shares some of the things that you should consider before getting your bikini or Brazilian wax in Midvale.

Take note of the length of your hair

The hair on your bikini area should be at least 1/4 inch long before you get a wax. The wax will not be able to pick up most of the hair if they are too short, which means that your money, time and effort will only go to waste. Your waxing specialist will most likely let you know if your bikini area hair is too short for the wax, so you can just let them know beforehand.

Do not get a wax right before or after your period

Your skin tends to be super sensitive three days before and after your period, which means that you will definitely feel a lot of pain if you ever decide to get your bikini area waxed during that time. Also, your body produces a lot of heat before, during and after your period, so the wax will easily melt off. Therefore, it will be much more difficult for the waxing specialist to finish the job.

The actual waxing procedure will hurt

a woman in a wax salon

If it is your first time getting a bikini wax, then you should know that bikini, Brazilian, and basically, any type of waxing would hurt. The pain level will depend on your threshold, so it is a different experience for everyone. Just prepare yourself and let the waxing specialist know that this is your first time getting a wax so that they can be gentler.

Prepare your skin

Aestheticians suggest that you exfoliate your skin first before getting your hair waxed. This will help you get rid of the dead skin cells and allow the hair to break through the surface. Also, inform the waxing salon if you have any skin allergy so that they can identify the right wax for your skin type.

Do not forget aftercare

Remember to care for your skin post-waxing by keeping it moisturized. If you have dry skin, you will likely feel discomfort the next time you visit the waxing salon, which should be around at least four to six weeks after your last appointment. Also, keep in mind not to take a hot bath, sunbathe, use perfumed products, or wear tight clothing for the next 24 hours after your wax.

Bikini waxing is quite a personal and up-close experience, so make sure that you are ready and comfortable enough before getting the procedure done.

Facial Toners: Why You Shouldn’t Skip Them

It is normal that every person you encounter has a different skin care routine. This is because each of us has different skin types, and they all call for different caring methods. You cannot just follow every fad that comes out. What works for your friend (or that beauty guru you follow), may or may not work for you.

Knowing that, however, skin care basics almost always include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Most people understand the importance of having clean and moisturized skin, but not all know how to appreciate and see the results of including toner in their regimen.

Are you one of them? You are not alone. Before you feel guilty and start shopping for facial toners online or in your local beauty store, understanding the importance of facial toners in your skin care routine can help you better appreciate its role.

What is a Toner?

A skin toner, or simply a toner, helps complete the cleansing method you do on your skin. It removes dust and impurities that could still be lingering on the skin after washing it with a cleanser, which usually contains ingredients like oil that could leave a film on the face.

A toner looks like water, but it is packed with glycerin, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, active ingredients like plant extracts, and many other beneficial elements. It is a fast-penetrating liquid that hydrates the skin, which results in a plump and glowing look.

You can choose from astringent toners, calming and soothing toners, and hydrating toners. There are also cleansing toners and pH balancing toners.

What Does a Toner Do?

1. It removes dirt and grime

Toners are liquid solutions that contain minerals and ingredients that help remove excess dirt and grime in the skin, which was not removed during cleansing. Applying toner on your face is like giving it another kind of cleansing, but this time, on a deeper level.

2. It keeps pore size at bay

Facial toners come in different kinds depending on your skin type. It is commonly used by people who have oily skin since toners, in general, are known to help reduce the size of the pores. It has relaxing properties that help relax the skin, allowing the pores to relax as well.

3. It maintains the pH balance of the skin

The natural pH balance of the skin is between five and six, but using different kinds of skin care products can disrupt this balance. Once that happens, the skin can become oilier than usual because it is trying to get back to the ideal pH level. Using a toner can help regain this balance faster.

4. It moisturizes the skin

A toner helps remove dirt and maintains an ideal pH balance that prevents oiliness, but it also has another use — to keep the skin moisturized. The right kind of toner can help lock the skin’s natural moisture, giving it a healthier appearance.

Try adding facial toners to your skin care routine and see how it can help your skin be its best version yet.

21st Century Power Dressing

Suit Up, Dude: Your Guide to 21st Century Power Dressing

The concept of ‘power dressing’ seems to be currently taking a break these days. The stiff shoulder pads of the eighties (and other rigid dress codes) no longer define fashion success. For every suited corporate titan, there’s a Mark Zuckerberg donning the casual t-shirt, hoodie, and jeans — with the power to win the masses and earn more money.

For some people, the 21st century definition of power dressing is simple: WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. After all, no one’s going to call you out, right?


Actively wearing too much casual clothes can prevent people from taking you seriously. Surely, you wouldn’t wear a snapback and hoodie to a meeting?

True power dressing isn’t about flaunting your wealth — it’s all about demonstrating mastery. It’s showing that you know how to play by the rules and bend them when you want to. Dressing like a teenager doesn’t prove you’re the boss; dressing with knowledge does.

With these in mind, consider the following precepts for contemporary power dressing.

Leverage Your Power Suit

Leverage Your Power SuitA great deal of self-confidence, authority, and respect comes with a dark and well-fitted suit. With a power suit, you get a leg up in job interviews, presentations, and other occasions. For this reason, it’s important that every guy should suit up once in a while. It can, after all, make or break your first impression.

Here are formal outfits every gentleman should have:

  • Light-colored dress shirt
  • Solid dark and classic style suit
  • Dress shoes
  • Tie of deeper hue

Brass Neck

There are still a few workplaces that treat neckwear as the Holy Grail. If you work in one, drop some cash on the best tie brands available. Or perhaps, try to be a more adventurous. Go crazy with knitted styles or try different materials, such as linen or wool.

Some guys, however, aren’t comfortable with wearing ties. If you wear one, you risk appearing overdressed; if you skip it, you close off an avenue for self-expression.

You can’t be just another generic dude with an open-necked shirt. Your power move is simple: cut the tie know altogether.

Granddad, collarless, or band-collar shirts are a swerve but are still recognizable shirts that will adhere to the dress code.  Roll neck jumpers won’t just make you look good; it also serves another purpose: keep you warm during the colder months.

There are other casual with tailoring options, such as a Henley, polo, or t-shirt. While these won’t fly in certain situations, these are still power moves. You just need the right blazer or suit and match it with the right kind of top.

Update the Pinstripe Look

pinstripe suitThe power dressing classic — the pinstripe suit — will always be on point. In a conservative, tailoring environment, however, there’s something abrasive about the crisp lines. It can also look out-of-place in casual workplaces.

Soften the pinstripe’s sharp elbows by trading for a chalkstripe — a fuzzier and wider line. If you are looking for a power dressing staple with a rising value, go for the plain double-breasted jacket, whether it’s a part of your suit or just a blazer.

With a double-breasted jacket, you can take fashion confidence on another level, which is a look not everyone can pull off. It’s just a subtle but powerful flex that stands out in the middle of any stuffy boardroom.

Impress with a Fresh Fade

From footballers to rappers, every man wants a new hairstyle. They have a good reason: a new shave gives you that metaphorical edge.

A clean trim can make the simplest or sloppiest fashion ensemble look pulled together.  Frankly, any haircut will do as long as you do it often. But if you really want to impress, go with the traditional fade.

This haircut is very versatile: it’s not just for the macho military man look. It can also work well in the corporate world. Talk to your barber to determine what type of fade works well with your face shape.

Good Footwear Makes a Good Impression

Good Footwear Whether you wear sneakers or soles to work, there are still a few dressing principles to follow.

First, quality is always important. It’s easy to tell when a pair is well-made. The price difference isn’t also that steep — especially if you are considering replacing your cheaper shoes. Keep in mind that luxury sneakers don’t cost much because for the sake of it being luxurious. These shoes are made with better quality material and are stitched instead of glued.

Second, cleanliness also matters. After all, this is next to style godliness. It doesn’t matter if your shoes were made from the finest leather. Make sure your footwear always looks polished.

Watches: Your Piece De Resistance

A watch is the perfect way to top any power dressing look. But before you slap on any other watch, ask yourself: is your accessory dialed into your outfit and the mood of your surroundings. Do you understand what makes your timepiece sporty or formal, appropriate for a barbecue or a black tie event?

If you know the answer, you don’t have to spend much on your watch. An affordable timepiece, deployed expertly, is better than a luxury watch worn badly.

Know The Rules Before You Break Them

Know The RulesKeep in mind that all your style choices should still revolve around you. It’s your confidence to grow and brand to build.

There’s nothing wrong with following the rules. But once you’ve got the hang of the power dressing guidelines, feel free to bend them in ways that benefit you. It can be something as simple as a suit that’s not buttoned all the way up (for that less uptight look) or going crazy with the colors. Just remember not to go overboard.

While hoodies and t-shirts are good, power dressing is one way to establish your presence in every event. Instead of wowing your audience or potential partners with a boring ensemble, learn how to mix and match power suit elements. Standing out in fashion requires time, resources, and plenty of dedication to power dressing.

Genderless Fashion

The Future is Neither He nor She: Genderless Fashion

Gone are the days when trousers were just for men and skirts were just for women. In 2018, gender lines are blurred and anyone can wear anything that they want.

What started out as a personal fashion style is now making its way to major runways as more respected designers dive into gender-neutral fashion. John Lewis, for example, has abolished the “boys” and “girls” labels on children clothes. Other popular brands are also launching their own gender-neutral collections and now leading the way in genderless fashion.

Blurring the He-She Line in Fashion

He-She Line in FashionWhile conversations surrounding gender expressions have gained a significant amount of attention as the line between traditional male and female binaries blurs. The shift of the cultural landscape and growing acceptance with mixed gender definitions paved the way for a different kind of fashion.

These conversations continue to thrive in the fashion scene. Models, fashionistas, and gender-neutral individuals are flooded with excitement to see a growing number of designers create gender-neutral lines. Some experts, however, believe that the new style movement is still far from achieving a more solid status.

For example, some stores still separate menswear from womenswear. While the fashion movement doesn’t demand to totally eradicate these sections, a gender-neutral section would’ve been much appreciated.

The Challenges of Going Neutral

Despite the positive slant and the scene’s growing acceptance for gender fluidity, the conversation regarding gender-neutral attire still lacks depth in terms of tilting the gender binary. Over the last few years, a number of popular and high-end brands entered the market, seeking to focus on gender neutral customers. Names treading the unisex line, revealed the LVHM, included Eckhaus Latta, Charles Jeffrey, and 69 US.

zara gnderless selection
Courtesy of: Hollywood Reporter

While these names show more gender neutrality within collections, others who claim to join the movement still show less consideration as to what the revolution actually means.

Zara and H&M, for example, have both presented unisex offerings of sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts designed for both women and men. While their intentions were positive, their collections were still merchandised within the womenswear or menswear sections. Despite their efforts, gender-neutral individuals and fans of their fashion cannot make purchases without physically placing themselves within one category or the other.

Sadly, there are still some brands that do not push current definitions. Instead, we see traditional women’s or men’s style presented as a blanket statement that capitalizes on the political consciousness and social movements of their customers.

How Can the Movement Go On?

h&m unisex
Courtesy of: Vibe

While the likes of Zara’s and H&M’s endeavors into unisex or neutral offerings failed, there are some brands who are doing it right.

The Phluid Project, which recently opened in New York, is the city’s first shop dedicated entirely to gender-neutral clothing. British department store John Lewis also boarded the unisex train when they stopped labeling their children’s wear for boys and girls.

For gender-neutral ranges to work, brands must create designs that count for a variety of body types related to assigned sex. It’s not a one-size fits all venture. Designs and sizes should accommodate different body shapes, comparable to leg and waist length when purchasing jeans.

Gender Free World is one of the trendsetters to this practice. The brand has created a different kind of sizing method — one that requires no numbers. Instead, customers can find their fit by browsing through a series of name that correspond to different body types.

Not Just the Big Brands

Such customization and diversity, however, shouldn’t just remain to an exclusive bunch of brand names that sell clothes at high prices. By selling instead of promoting gender neutral fashion, the industry fails to initiate a productive conversation about free gender expression.

Fashion brands should be accountable for their role in the unisex fashion movement.

A study from GLAAD revealed that 12 percent of millennials now identify themselves as members of the LGBTQ+ community, which means the need for increased representation — even in fashion — is no longer negotiable.

To move the gender-neutral cause forward, non-binary individuals must be present during the design and production of these clothing items. Their personal opinion and knowledge of the community will build a new criteria that accommodates the fashion requirements of those who “don’t fit the mold.” Widening the selection requires the voice of those who know the fashion that they want.

The Future of Genderless Fashion : How?

Taking steps to blurring the gender lines in terms of fashion isn’t just about blurring boundaries to create a spectrum. It’s all about letting go of preconceived notions that sit on either the masculine or feminine ends altogether. The future sees the binary model of gender not working anymore, as more people embrace sexuality and gender on their own right.

Genderless Fashion Basically, when people use to describe pieces of clothing as masculine or feminine, it completely defeats the purpose of genderless fashion. Influential people in the industry should begin the change: it’s not just about him or her; it’s all about fashion that screams, “IT’S FOR EVERYONE!”

It starts with having a selection or collection completely devoted to gender-neutral fashion. Also, it starts with the brands. Hopefully, the growing acceptance for all things unisex will convince these big names to dedicate a section of their shop to just genderless fashion — and not as simple additions to the menswear or women’s selection.

The time has come for today’s fashion industry to expand and reach new borders. The growing acceptance for clothes that don’t scream he or she says much about the society’s preparedness for a different kind of fashion scene.

The future, to be honest, is genderless. The fashion scene has plenty of time to catch up with the newest gender-neutral styles. And it’s going to be an exciting time when it finally does. No longer will shoppers be subjected to masculine and feminine choices only. When gender-less fashion becomes the norm, everyone has the freedom to express themselves in trousers, skirts, tank tops — no matter what style they want.

Today, fashion aficionados and brands can wait and hope that the industry will take the genderless route and produce more trousers for women and skirts for men.

Men’s Skinny Jeans

Rethinking the Men’s Skinny Jeans Movement

Years ago, it was all about women’s fashion — the looks, the dresses, and the styles. Not everyone really paid much attention to men’s fashion and style. Of course, men still wore their clothes and walked seasonal runway shows, but there wasn’t the same want to dress well or be the most dapper gentleman in the club.

The fashion industry’s normalization, however, resulted in a number of fashion items that cause no small amount of controversy over the years. Today, skinny jeans aren’t just a woman’s must-have or part of a teenage subculture. Men now know that they too can look good in a pair of super tight jeans.

That said, gone are the looks of tight indie musician pants or best fashion moments of the 90s. Skinny jeans are the new popular kids around the block.

Understanding the Skinny Fit

Skinny jeans can be categorized into two separate groups. While there are multiple variations in fit depending on the material, cut, and brand, these can still be divided into ‘standard’ and ‘spray-on.’

Standard skinny jeans are made from 100 percent cotton or have a small percentage of elastene for comfort. These styles do not usually taper down the leg and have wider ankle openings. Spray-on styles, on the other hand, are tapered close to the leg, have a higher proportion of stretch of elastene, and have narrow ankle openings.

Keeping these parameters in mind helps today’s fashion man to decide if their chosen pair of skinny jeans will suit their body type.

Spray-On Jeans

Skinny JeansNot everyone can pull of the spray-on jeans fashion. Only a lucky few can look good in these tight jeans; these include men with well-maintained proportions.

Choosing to wear such a revealing piece without seeming like you’re trying too hard can be tricky. If you’re tall and skinny, the jeans will only emphasize the lack of bulk. On the other hand, if you have a well-built upper body but slimmer, spray-on jeans will compromise your entire aesthetic.

These selective jeans draw attention to imperfections of the body if you don’t know how to wear them well.

How to Pull Them Off

First, stay away from the ‘all tight everything’ trap most men fall into. Replace your skintight t-shirts with regular-fitting styles that offer more room for your body.

Second, be realistic with your aesthetic. Spray-on skinny jeans are very casual so don’t mix them with smart tailored shirts. Streetwear-inspired or sports luxe pieces, however, are perfect for combining with these casual jeans. Think longline t-shirts, jackets, and fashion trainers.

Finally, consider monochrome color palettes — grey, black, white, and navy. Feel free to mix two pops of color for that adventurous style.

Standard Style Skinny Jeans

Standard Style Skinny JeansContrary to their spray-on counterparts, standard skinny jeans are more versatile. The less pronounced taper and wider leg allows tall and slim guys to rock the sharp silhouette while maintaining balance between their width and height. For those with broader upper bodies and smaller legs, these skinny jeans focus more on your outfit as a whole rather than the bottom half.

For bigger men, however, even standard styles are too tight. The sever leg taper cannot accommodate additional weight, be it fat or muscle. Proportion and balance are important when it comes to skinny jeans. Larger gents are better off with slim-fits, which offer a similar cut that flatters their figures.

Bear in mind that the size of your legs can also affect the appearance of your jeans. If you have bigger thighs, carrot fits up the comfort without compromising your appearance.

How to Pull Them Off

An important consideration with standard styles is lower leg taper. Some brands taper their designs more than others, which makes their jeans look more like spray-ons instead of the standard style. The ankle opening’s width also influences on the jeans’ overall aesthetics.

Tight openings look the best when matched with slimline shoes and trainers while wider openings can accommodate chunkier footwear.

Unlike spray-on skinny jeans, standard styles are better at integrating and tailoring into structured and formal ensembles. Offering a fitted appearance and clean lines, the overall effect is refined, smart, and understand — a stark difference from the dreaded in your face statement.

Last-Minute Skinny Jean Tips

Know Your Proportions

No two guys are alike, and body proportions are one of the major factors that set them apart. When selecting which skinny jeans will fit you better, always think about your body’s proportions. For more slender gents, go for the standard versions to ensure your shape is not too exaggerated. For men with more proportioned builds, don’t forget that while fitted styles are good, consider wearing rolled-up hems to complement your proportions.

The Fit is ALWAYS a Priority

It cannot be stressed enough that you need to try your jeans first before you buy them. The fit is EVERYTHING. Try on as many pairs as possible before you commit to a certain style.

Remember: people have different proportions. Just because one pair fit your brother perfectly doesn’t mean it will fit you too. Have someone check the jeans on you before you decide to buy them.

Ripped Skinny Jeans Also Work

Ripped jeans are one of the staple must-haves of every fashionable man. It adds texture, versatility, and a statement. Skinny jeans with cuts and holes will balance out your proportions and lessens the severity of each look.

The (Skinny) Bottom Line

skinny jeansFor a number of men, the skinny jeans are part of their wardrobe essentials — and it looks like this trend isn’t dying anytime soon. But as fashion changes every season, so do your clothes. That means you have to adapt always.

Don’t just wear your skinny jeans in one way. Think of you new combinations to wear your existing staples. Remember to stay up-to-date with fashion trends and faux pas and see how trendsetters are wearing their skinny jeans.

Amidst the changes, however, don’t forget to wear your jeans in the way you like them.


With that in mind, how would you wear or re-think your skinny jeans approach?

Millennial Styling

The Gen Y Route of Fashion: 10 Commandments of Millennial Styling

Millennials (otherwise known as Generation Y) are the largest generation to date. In fact, they’re even expected to outnumber the Baby Boomers by 2019. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that a lot of younger people are driving today’s trends, including the fashion sector. They are so influential even the biggest names in the business are listening to what this generation has to say.

Millennial fashion is all about following the rules and breaking them eventually. They recycle the trends of their predecessors and make it their own.

Whether you’re a Gen Y native or not, some of their rules will work for you, too. Here are the ten commandments of dressing like a millennial:

Fashion Rule 1: Wear What You Want

YOLO (You Only Live Once) is a real concept among millennials, especially in terms of fashion. Whatever the brand or the type of clothing you want, there’s just one rule: wear whatever makes you feel you.

As long as you’re happy and free to express yourself, you’re good to go. If you like wearing socks over your sandals or print on print, go ahead. No one’s going to judge.

Fashion Rule 2: Avoid Popular Labels from Before; Go for Indie or Classic Brands

Classic BrandsMillennials are big fans of “label-less” fashion. They avoid overloading on high-end designer accessories or wearing too many brands. Instead, they support indie labels that are chic and underrated. The younger generation love breaking the rules with statement shirts, odd cut-out pieces, and jeans from classic brands.

Fashion Rule 3: Athletic Shoes Make a Statement

Generation Y fashion aficionados enjoy being flashy, especially with their shoes. Popular brands, such as Adidas and Nike, lead the way with their impressive sneaker line. Male millennials are big fans of Jordans (named after basketball player Michael Jordan), which are statement sneakers that catches the attention of onlookers.

Athletes are influential in terms of shoes. Another Adidas standard called the Stan Smiths is also a staple of Gen Y fashion footwear.

Despite their love for athletic footwear, millennials also appreciate the classics. They just love combining the old with the new.

Fashion Rule 4: Athleisure Is Real (And You Just Gotta Deal)

Athletic ShoesStemming from the combination of athletes and leisure, athleisure is a trend Gen Y (and the younger generation) are embracing nowadays. As mentioned above, athletes are gaining more attention today. Apart from their shoes, their clothes and styles are also gaining a huge following.

This style is a combination of sport and casual while still looking quite fashionable. Invest in any sports brand to complete this look.


Fashion Rule 5: Comeback of Vintage Fashion Is Real

Generation Y fashionistas are reviving old fashion trends. Wide bottom jeans, high-heeled sandals, and bug-eyed glasses are making their way into every millennial’s closet. Retro Coachella looks include yellow-tinted retro glasses and tight-fitting jeans. Fortunately, there are plenty of shops that sell vintage clothing at affordable prices.

Fashion Rule 6: Gender Neutral Clothes are In

While the millennial man still identifies as a “cis man,” there is a growing acceptance of gender neutrality around him. The same applies to women. Today’s fashion does not restrict anyone to his or hers clothes; anyone can wear anything they want.

Women who wish to don the suit and tie may do so, while men who think they can conquer the heels are free to do so. There is also a growing trend of shops selling clothes that are perfect for ANYONE. Suits, shirts, boyfriend jeans — you name it, they have it.

Fashion Rule 7: Customize Whenever, Wherever

Customize Whenever, WhereverGen Y fashion trendsetters enjoy putting their personal mark on their clothes. Their personal spin is what makes their fashion unique.

With footwear, for example, the classic white leather sneaker is a staple. The millennial spin includes customizing your shoe by working with the brand. If you want to add a few patches, why not? Do you feel like adding some color? Go ahead; you have free reign.

Fashion Rule 8: Always Change Up Your Style with Affordable Not-so-Basic Basics

True enough, millennials prefer quality over blindly buying items for a popular label. Sometimes, however, you need an easy, quick, and affordable way to transform your clothes. Popular brands such as UniQlo, Primark, and boohoo encourage customers to make the most out of their expensive coats by adding a myriad of customization options to keep it look fresh and new.

Fashion Rule 9: Social Consciousness Is the New Fashion Sexy

Members of this generation are increasingly becoming vegans, vegetarians, and eco-aware. They want the good fight to reflect in their fashion sense.

Most eco-conscious millennials are choosing to wear clothes manufactured by brands that foster ethical practices and fair trade. It’s all about making a difference, one garment at a time.

Fashion Rule 10: Might Want to Ditch the Logos

fashion styleWhile the older generations prefer flaunting clothes and accessories with noticeable brand logos, the younger generation would rather not. Millennials are more concerned with nurturing and expressing their personal style, rather than drop brand names here and there. They refuse to be obvious walking advertisements.

When these influencers talk, the big names listen.

Major retailers are now re-designing their brands so that they can produce shirts with subtle branding. Thanks to the rise of social media, millennials tell these brands how to change their logos so that they — the influencers — can wear their products their style.

Millennials are taking charge of the fashion scene. Armed with their smart phones and social accounts, they’re ready to continue re-defining today’s current styles. If you’re not part of this generation, it pays to take a page out of their fashion playbook. Better yet, why not combine your personal style with theirs?

If you’re part of this generation, kudos to you! You can still contribute to the Gen Y fashion movement. Wow your friends and families with an amazing mix and match of colors, styles, and pieces that scream ORIGINALLY MILLENNIAL.

Do you have any other Gen Y fashion tricks? Share them with us!

Old Trend

Mom Wore It First: Old Trend We Can Thank Our Mothers

Mom Fashion — almost everyone has a love-hate relationship with this style trend. One day, you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes at your mother’s baggy mom jeans. The next, you’ll end up rummaging her closet for her cool tops and super retro jackets.

Mothers are the biggest fans of fashionable clothes, too. Check her closet and you’ll find a few pieces. It doesn’t matter if she got it at the flea market or purchased it at some expensive luxury store — her style is a one-of-a-kind style.

As mentioned, there has been some negative stigma concerning mom clothes. That Saturday Night Live parody commercial of Mom Jeans is enough proof. If you don mom-ish clothes, it’ll be all about the baggy jeans, the saggy top, and the stereotypical “Mom” clothes.

On the contrary, Mom Fashion isn’t just about these pieces. And if it were, they’d still be totally awesome.

In fact, we have our mothers to thank for the amazing fashion scene we have now. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be blessed with the following pieces:

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized SweatersNothing says fashion and comfort better than snuggling in an awesome oversized sweater. Teddy bears, giant hearts, flowers, and pastel lighthouses — sweaters with graphics weren’t just relegated to the holidays. Moms wore them whenever, wherever.

Today, you’ll see fashionistas rocking the Mom sweater. For that modern flair, pair your fluffy sweater with tight pants or high-waist jeans.

Comfort Sandals

Yes, our mothers were the brave pioneers of these pretty-ugly shoes — and rocked them. Even when the rest of the world wasn’t a big fan of comfort sandals, Mom ignored them. After all, comfort trumps style at any time of the day.

Even though everyone called these Mom staples ugly, pretty much the rest of the fashion world jumped aboard the comfort sandal bandwagon. Some fashion aficionados even dare to cross two traditional faux pas at once by wearing their sandals with socks!

Large Bags that Hold Everything

Large Bags Need some tissues? Mom’s got it in her bag. Do you need a pin for your hair? She probably has that, too. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if your mother has a thermos in that big bag of hers. After all, mothers are the proud trendsetters of big bags.

Today’s handbags mimic our mom’s popular bags. You can put almost anything in it: a poncho, hand sanitizer, five kinds of lipstick, snacks, your social security card, wrench for emergencies, and a couple of DVDs.

Chambray Shirts

Mom had no time for fitted tops when she was balancing three kids at once. Instead, she settled for roomy and equally fashionable chambray shirts.

Whether your mother wore hers with a giant cartoon patch on the back or tucked into her stonewashed jeans, her chambray shirt was the staple. You can pair this versatile piece of clothing with almost anything in your closet.

Knitted Twinsets

This stylish combination screams of winter comfort (although your mom may have worn it frequently, no matter what the season was). Knitted twinsets are perfect for cold nights when you’re trying to put the kids to sleep or for cuddling with your husband AFTER you’ve put the kids to sleep.

Mothers probably pulled out their shell-and-cardigan set when they wanted to be a little dressy. If she paired this attire with a knitted pencil skirt, she just wore a triple fashion threat.

Mom Jeans

Mom JeansWe’ve mentioned the iconic SNL sketch entitled mom jeans, which made a mockery out of mom’s favorite pair of 80s to 90s jeans. These high-waist and baggy jeans, however, were the Holy Grail of every mom’s fashion.

Make fun of the mom jeans all you want, but it’s making a return. Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, and other famous celebrities are big fans of the Mom Jeans!  After all, these high-waisted mom jeans are one of the biggest trends to emerge from fashion’s constant cycle. More fashion girls continue to embrace this cool, vintage-inspired look.

Summer Scarves

If there’s one accessory you and your mom have always had on hand, it’s a soft and wooly scarf. Scarves come in different colors, shapes, and even levels of heft. These fashion accessories work with any outfit, no matter what the occasion is.

Chances are, you’ve had a couple of scarves stashed at the back of your closet. Some of those scarves may have come from your mom!

We might call them summer scarves, but these fashion staples are perfect for different seasons. Tie it around your neck like she did for that beautiful Jackie O effect.

Ribbed Mock Turtlenecks

Mom liked to keep it sophisticated during the day. The epitome of sophistication, the slimming ribbed mock turtleneck was her go-to outfit from the office to your baseball games. The stylish ribbed knit comes with vertical ribbed lines that create a slimming visual effect. The high mock neck gives her look a lovely design accent.

Fanny Packs

Fanny PacksYour mom used to sling these around her waist so that she can chase you around the home and still have her essentials close by. The super convenient bag, which is also the accessories of tourists, received backlash for its “dorky” style.

The fanny pack, however, is in the middle of a major revival. This dorky bag is getting a full design makeover as more fashion labels rebrand it as a “belt bag,” “waist bag,” or “hip bag.” Yes, the big names are investing on this (aka Alexander Wang and Nike).


Make her fashion your own by adding elements from today’s fashion scene. Don’t hesitate to mix and match or combine her fashion with yours. Like Mom, don’t be afraid to venture out.

Also, before you ignore Dear Old Mum’s fashion choices, keep in mind that SHE wore your favorite clothing pieces first. Instead of turning your nose up at her clothes, it’s best to rummage her closet. Our moms, after all, were the fashion pioneers of our time. Trust her style because if it weren’t for hers, you wouldn’t be enjoying a couple of fashion must-haves.