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Gel, Wax or Pomade: Which Hair Styling Product Is Best for You?

Nowadays, more men are becoming more conscious of grooming. In terms of hairstyles, men already have a lot to choose from. They can even change their hairstyle every day!

Most hairstyles require hair styling products to keep it on fleek throughout the day. There are now a lot of hair styling product types on the market that you may find yourself scratching your head as you try to choose one. To make the quest even more challenging, each of those hair styling products come in different types, too.

For instance, you can get Cantu maximum hold styling gel, then there’s also the Cantu extra hold edge stay gel. Hair waxes and pomades also have different variants.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the top three most commonly used hair styling products for men today: gel, wax, and pomade. By knowing what each of them can do, you’ll be able to know which product you should buy and use depending on the hairstyles you often don.

Hair Gel

Gel is a classic hair styling product. It is known for giving one a “wet” look, which is often regarded as old-school. It is the ultimate product for men who are hoping for an all-day style hold. It also makes hair styling a breeze, as you no longer have to dry your hair before applying it. Gel is also easy to remove from the hair, as it is often water-based.

With strong hold comes some downsides, though. Some may find the strong hold a bit too much, which can be considered one of gel’s downsides. Aside from that, hair gel tends to leave white flakes, particularly when you haven’t washed your hair thoroughly of products.

To avoid having those white flakes, you should make sure that you thoroughly wash and rinse your hair. Then, you should apply just the right amount of gel onto your hair, especially if you have thin hair. After all, you can add later as needed. Gel is best used on unruly hair that is harder to style.

Hair Wax

Most hair waxes available on the market are made with beeswax. As a result, they offer a medium to strong hold. Unlike hair gel, they do not have shine and leave a matte finish. Although wax can keep a hairstyle intact for the most part, it doesn’t harden the hair as gel does. However, wax can feel heavier or thicker than gel. On the upside, it can give hair the right volume without making it feel rough.

Take note that wax is more difficult to wash out than gel or water-based pomade because, you guessed it, it’s made out of wax. If your hair tends to become greasy by the middle of the day, hair wax can absorb the oil. However, this will mean that your hair wax will lose some of its holding power.

Hair wax is best for faux hawks, spiky hair, quiff, and French crop, among other modern hairstyles for men. It is also best applied to dry hair.

Hair Pomade

man with nice hair in lake

Pomade is somewhat a hybrid of wax and gel. It offers a strong but flexible hold. It also leaves a finish that is in-between matte and high shine. Unlike wax but similar to gel, pomade is often water-based. Because of this, it doesn’t totally dry up and a pomade-styled hair doesn’t stiffen. As a result, you can choose to restyle your hair later in the day.

There are also oil-based pomades. These are a good option if you want to have more shine. Take note, though, that oil-based pomade is harder to wash out than gel or water-based pomade.

To use pomade, make sure you properly wash your hair. Then, towel-dry it until it’s damp. Scoop a little amount of pomade, spread it on your palms, then smooth it through your hair until you get your desired style.

Pomade is best used to achieve styles such as quiff, pompadour, comb over, slicked back, and side part.

Your Hair Says A Lot About You

Indeed, the way you present yourself matters a lot. Your hair, for one, can say a lot about you. With hair styling products, you can achieve any hairstyle that best represents you.

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Why You’ll Still Want a Wrist Watch in the Digital Age

Owning a smartphone can make your life more convenient. The mobile device allows you to access different applications in one device. This technological advancement, however, has affected the watch industry because your phone can also function as your watch.

Smartphone manufacturer, Apple, even created its own watch, making the tech brand the top watch manufacturer in the world. In 2017, the company outsold the Swiss watch industry, including Rolex, Omega, and Swatch, among others.

Despite the rise of smartphones and smartwatches, visiting your local jewelry store to buy a luxury watch is still worth it. A watch symbolizes style, functionality, and sentiment. It’s a timeless piece that every man or woman will need.

Some Watches Appreciate in Value

The value of luxury watches appreciate over time, like real estate properties or classic cars, but not as much. Not all luxury watches, however, are an ideal investment. Jewelry experts explain 95 percent of modern timepieces are not going to be investments.

Some models might not appreciate and not give you favorable returns.  After all, watches follow trends and you might have to wait several years before a certain style becomes trendy again. That’s why it’s essential to be smart when buying a luxury watch, especially if it’s your first time.

Vintage watches usually hold higher value compared to a new one. You can attend auctions where you can find interesting pieces with a low reserve.

Invest in Timepieces that Would Increase in Value

mabn checking a wrist watch in store

The size, style, and brand can affect the value of your watch over time. Several watches offer great returns, but two brands stand out among them: Rolex and Patek Philippe. The development of a watch’s value is affected by different aspects, such as:

  • Brand recognition
  • Exclusivity
  • Availability
  • Heritage
  • Demand

Rolex is one of the brands that present these aspects. It is in demand and has an impressive list of influential people who wear and have worn Rolex watches over time. The brand is also highly recognizable and widely available.

Patek Philippe shares the same characteristics, as well. But unlike Rolex, this brand is not widely available because it costs higher than Rolex. Patek collectors weigh exclusivity more than the other aspects.

A Better Way to Buy Watches

A luxury watch will cost you a fortune, making it crucial to choose the piece carefully before checking out. You should choose the model that best reflects your lifestyle and personal aesthetic as well as mechanical considerations. Identify what you need in your timepiece then look for the brand to fit your requirements.

Seek help from watch enthusiasts to learn more about the brands that will never lose value. Apart from Rolex and Patek Philippe, Cartier and Vacheron Constantin are also an ideal investment.

Once you have identified the style and brand you want, determine the diameter of the watch and width of the case. This helps you select the model that fits your wrist. A 38-41mm diameter watch is ideal for everyday wear and appropriate for all dress codes.

Technology has made the lives of many people more convenient. But it doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on traditional items like watches. With proper care and maintenance, a quality watch can be passed on and gifted to generations until it becomes a family heirloom.

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Grooms Get It, Too: Ways to Look Like a Dashing Debonair on Your Wedding Day

Nowadays, the beauty industry isn’t catered to just women and celebrities anymore. Even the regular guy wants to look good and flawless not only during special occasions but also in their everyday lives.

But, the time when men really want to push the boundaries when it comes to grooming is on their wedding day. There is a secret behind that bridal glow that many women have on their big day.

Sometimes, no matter how charming or good-looking a groom is, he just can’t match up with his bride. Others would argue that it’s perfectly reasonable to let the bride shine on her wedding, but grooms have to do their share as well.

After all, he’s the first person the bride sees when she walks down the aisle, donning his crisp suit and one of the wedding bands for men he could find. But, why is it that despite all the facials, spa, and hair treatments, it still seems not enough?

Here’s the secret: brides start the beauty game much, much earlier than grooms. So, if you want to catch up, you have to start your pre-wedding preparations at least two months before the wedding. Here are some ideas on how to look your best when you say your “I do.”

1. Wash your face properly.

This might sound a little odd, but yes, you have to start washing your face properly as soon as you get engaged. And we’re not just talking about regular bar soaps from the pharmacy that completely dries out your skin.

Get a good-quality facial cleanser for men for daily use and some exfoliating scrub at least once a week. You’ll notice a difference in your complexion after some time.

2. Stay hydrated.

Drinking water isn’t just for quenching your thirst. It also does wonders for your skin at the same time. Increase your water intake way ahead of your wedding, and you’ll have clear, smooth skin on your big day. You might even rival your bride’s blush in the altar.

3. Follow a seasonal skincare routine.

Does your skin get extremely red during the summer or dry and super flakey during the colder months? Consider the season on your wedding day and plan your skincare routine accordingly.

Also, don’t skip sunscreen if you’re a wedding is in summer. You wouldn’t want to look too flushed on your wedding photos. If the big day is in winter, double up on your moisturizer.

4. Get the right grooming products.

mana applying moisturiser on his face

So, now you understand how important a moisturizer is. But, unless you’ve been doing it for a long time, it can be difficult to find the right product that suits your skin type.

Talk to a dermatologist and ask what ingredients you should look for on the label. Go to a department store and ask the consultants in different counters about their recommendations.

There are specific products for different skin conditions, whether you want to reduce shine, treat acne, or get something mild for sensitive skin. You can ask them to give you samples so you can test some at home before getting a full-sized bottle.

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Anklets Are Still In and Fashionable (Really)

There is no such thing as an outdated style. Fashion comes and goes and comes back again with a new life. What was impressed as an old trend would certainly make a comeback at some point and when it does, being ready with your collection could make you a trendsetter.

Such is the thing about anklets. It was considered a thing of the 90s but is definitely making a return in pop-style. If there is a good time to rekindle the value of your anklet collection, which has been sitting in your safe for long, it’s now. Good thing, there are repair shops that dig gold anklets for women and could easily breathe new life to old, worn out pieces.

Anklets in Style

Anklets are ankle bracelets. They are jewelry worn around the ankle as a bracelet is worn around the wrist. They are made available in different styles and different materials. These accessories may not always be visible in the eye but with every step, it makes a subtle sound, which makes it sexy and chic.

While anklets did not disappear completely from the spotlight, some people ceased wearing them. But now, people are set to go. They may not be as huge a thing as before but they are definitely claiming some spot in the fashion scene.

A comeback meant new styles are also coming into play but the old ones would surely still look ‘in’. You probably just need to have yours tweaked to keep up. That’s where an expert jewelry repair team would come useful.

Where to Wear and How

clothes lined up in a store

Just like any fashion trend, there are no hard and fast rules for wearing anklets. You could do it any way you wish because after all, it is all about your personal style. There are, however, some tips that could help boost the value of your anklets. It would be useless to invest in a pricey anklet if it will not make its presence felt, anyway. Take note of the following tips:

* Anklets are best worn with cropped pants and skirts or any pair of bottoms that are cut above the knee. Then again, you could also wear it with a pair of long pants if you wish to make it a secret that would make you feel sexy from within.

* Anklets are also best paired with sneakers, backless loafers, and flats. But they are also great to wear while you are walking barefooted on the beach.

* Anklets do not choose an occasion. You can wear it anytime you want – at work, during vacations, when attending festivals, or any given ordinary day. Wear it when you want to feel good and feel sexy. That tinkling sound can surely make you feel great.

Again, there are no proper or improper ways of wearing anklets. Style gurus, however, proposed some dos and don’ts. Basically, they don’t encourage people to wear anklets with leggings or tights and high heels. It is also not advisable to choose thick or chunky styles. But you know what’s a definite don’t? It’s feeling embarrassed when you wear your anklets differently. Otherwise, you are good to go, whichever way you choose to go.

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First Date’s Firsts: Things to Help Prepare You for That Big Meeting

So, you’ve finally set a date — you’ve agreed to finally meet each other in person after talking for quite some time online. You’re feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness, and that’s pretty normal. After all, you’re still meeting a stranger.

It’s exciting as you’ll finally be able to put a face to the name and see the other person in the flesh. But of course, it can be scary, too. What if they turn out to be completely different from how you’ve imagined them to be or how they portray themselves online.

Whatever you might be feeling prior to that “big day?” they’re all valid. But you can still make the right amount of preparations to make everything right — or at least the things you can control. Going on a first date with someone you met online can be a truly fun experience.

This will also help you determine if you do have a connection, and it’s still a good idea to continue your relationship. Here are some ideas you can refer to make sure your first date is a successful one:

1. Make sure you’re really ready.

Your first concern should be, “Am I really emotionally prepared to meet that other person in real life?” Keep this mind: once you’ve finally agreed to interact outside of your laptops or mobile phones means you’re officially allowing each other to be part of your own lives.

They may still be the same person you met and built a connection with online, but it can be entirely different once they’ve come out of your small online social circle.

2. Come up with activities that you’ll both enjoy.

movie together

This is your first official meeting, so make it as fun as possible for both of you. Here’s how: In your many conversations and exchanges online, we’re pretty sure you’ve tackled several things about your interests, favorite food, and hobbies, among others.

Use all the information you’ve gathered and looked for the best place and the most suitable activities that will not only be fun for you but for your date as well. Whether it’s in a bar restaurant in Spring Hills, KS, a bowling alley, a skating rink, museums or galleries, make sure it’s somewhere that you’ll both be comfortable. Doing fun activities together will also lessen any awkward moments.

3. Arrive on time.

Be punctual and respect the other person’s schedule. Never, ever show up late. Remember, the other person also spared a fraction of their time to meet you, so be respectful of that. Showing up late will also not leave a good first impression.

The other person may see it as a sign that you’re not being sincere about making the relationship work in real life. Do everything you can to be on time and look ready, prepared, and serious.

4. Make your date feel comfortable around you.

This should be your main priority, especially if you’re a guy meeting a girl. This is also true if the other person is the extroverted type. Make sure you’ve consulted the other person about where you’re meeting, and be open to making compromises as long as it’s something you both agree with. Go somewhere you’re both familiar with to avoid making the first date too overwhelming.

Keep all these things in mind and have a fun-filled first date. Good luck!

Different fruit smoothies for people on diet

Quench That Thirst: Shakes and Smoothies You Can Serve to Keto Dieters

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, many people today tend to prefer convenient, on-the-go meals and snacks like smoothies and shakes. These are thick, filling beverages that anyone can make by just blending fruits or veggies in juicer or blender machines. These meal replacements can prevent hunger pangs and snacking urges caused by missed meals.

If you are planning to start a juice bar or a concession stand, then you might want to give it a twist and concentrate on recipes that focus on specific diets, like a Ketogenic diet.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

This consists of food that is high in fat, but low in carbs. This diet plan allows people to avoid the negative effects of carbs and sugar to their body, such as increasing blood sugar levels, intensifying insulin response, and affecting cognitive function.

What Ingredients Do You Need?

Here are various low-carb smoothie and shake recipes that are perfect for keto dieters:


Although a majority of fruits are high in carbs and sugar, there are some keto-friendly options that consist of low carbs but high in fiber.

  • Strawberries: These have vitamin C, manganese, potassium, and vitamin B9. They are also rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals. A cup of strawberries contains only eight grams of net carbs.
  • Avocado: A cup of avocado has only two grams of net carbs. It is filled with nutrients, such as folate, potassium, and vitamins C, K, E, B5, and B6.
  • Watermelon: A cup of watermelon only contains 10.5 grams of net carbs. It contains iron, calcium, and vitamins C and A.


Opt for leafy greens and other vegetables high in water content. Avoid colorful vegetables, as they tend to be high in carbs.

  • Cucumber: These are low in calories and arbs. It is also a rich source of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C.
  • Spinach: This green is filled with minerals, such as potassium, iron, and calcium. It also contains vitamins A, C, and B12. It boosts energy levels, lowers risks of cancer, and reduces inflammation.


One of the biggest fitness mistakes is disregarding the carbs and calories of beverages. To ensure that you are not adding unnecessary carbs and sugar, go for keto-friendly liquids like water, green tea, black tea, and unsweetened non-dairy milk.

What Smoothie and Shake Ideas Can You Offer?

  • Green Tea Smoothie: Mash the flesh of one avocado. Use an eight-ounce glass of green tea as your base. Blend these with half a teaspoon of stevia powder, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a cup of sliced cucumber, and a pinch of ground black pepper.
  • Watermelon shake: Blend half a cup of watermelon with a glass of unsweetened sparkling water, a 1/4 cup of crushed ice, and half a teaspoon of powdered erythritol.
  • Strawberry Milkshake: Blend together 1/4 cup of raspberries, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream, a 1/4 cup of crushed ice, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of powdered erythritol, and half a teaspoon of vanilla.

Mason jar mugs filled with green spinach and kale health smoothie

To make sure that your smoothies and shakes will have good consistency, invest in a high-quality commercial blender or juicer machines. It is also essential to remember that although the fruits in these recipes are low in net carbs, adding more than what is indicated will increase the carb and sugar content of your smoothies and shakes. Lower the amounts if you wish to alter the recipes and use more types of fruits.


Guidelines for Matching Your Necklace’s Length to Your Outfit

The right piece of jewelry can add an exciting style to even a seemingly regular outfit. This means that you should pick your jewelry pieces carefully according to your outfit rather than simply wear a favorite piece, regardless of your outfit. Among the pieces that should not miss from your daily ensemble is a necklace. A lot of fashion experts focus on picking the right necklace style for an outfit but overlook a vital aspect of the necklace—its length.

A varied clothing boutique in Phoenix will have its necklaces in different lengths even if they are the same style and made of the same constituents. It is best to get even seemingly similar pieces in different lengths so that they match different necklines and work for your outfit. The following are some guidelines for matching your necklace’s length to an outfit:


This is generally placed close to your neck’s base and is about 14 to 16 inches long. Although it matches most outfits, it works best for boat, crew, and off-shoulder necklines as it will add length and create a proportion for your neck. However, it might not be the best choice for those with large body frames and those who do not like tight necklaces.

Princess Length

princess length necklace

A princess length necklace measures approximately 18 inches and sits on your collarbone. It is the most popular necklace choice since it works with most necklines and body frames. Most princess length necklaces feature V-shaped pendants that will match surplice, sweetheart, and V necklines. The necklaces come as simple chains, pearls, and statement necklaces.

Matinee Length

This measures 20 inches and will often sit between the breasts and collarbone. Matinee length necklaces are the perfect complement to business attire, more so those with collared shirts. They are ideally worn with blouses that match their texture and color. The necklaces work for tall women and those with a large neck. They might not, unfortunately, work well for busty women in official attire since they draw attention to the bust.

Opera Length

This is 28 to 36 inches long and will reach just below your bust. Opera length necklaces are usually statement pieces that feature intricate colors, textures, and patterns based on their material. They generally work for evening wear and official shirts with high necklines such as boat necks and turtlenecks. You can opt to wrap an opera length necklace twice around your neck to form a double-stranded choker.

Rope Length

This is a necklace measuring over 36 inches or three feet. It is meant to sit between the naval and your bust’s bottom. In most cases, you will wrap a rope length necklace twice or thrice around your neck depending on its weight. Moreover, you can fold the necklace into half then loop one end through the fold, thus forming a lariat.

Necklaces in the past were more or less simple jewelry pieces. Nowadays, however, the length of your necklace will determine its effect on your outfit and how it will look on you. Your best choice is to shop the necklace lengths mentioned above and your outfit from the same place to guarantee that they match and get an expert’s opinion on what works best for you.

Cozy Living Room

Decorating a Cozy Living Room

Decorating a small living room can be challenging. You have to be careful with the décor since you are walking a fine line between making the room look cozy or cramped. While there are many guides out there, not each of them will work for your case. You have to know the outcome you are expecting before you start decorating.

An easy way to decorate a room and make it feel spacious is using soft colors. These colors make the room warm and inviting. Your choice of furniture should complement these colors. If you’ve decided to buy your sofa online, many online shops have interactive tools to help you know how different colors will look against different backgrounds. Here are some ideas and inspirations for decorating a small living room:

Add creative storage solutions

To create more space in your living room, you have to find a way of storing items that you rarely use or no longer need. You can do this by adding creative storage options around the living room. One effective method is to install shelves or cabinets on the walls. Make sure that these cabinets aren’t overloaded and that they’re painted to match the appearance of the room. When installing cabinets and shelves, add them to places where they won’t be a distraction or won’t lead to accidents.

Use light colors

Light colors such as white, cream, pale blue, gray, and blush pinks are ideal for tiny spaces since they make the room to appear brighter and inviting. Since you don’t want your living room to appear cramped, these colors can work in tandem with your furniture choices to create an inviting space.

Choose the right furniture

Purple ispired living room

Choosing furniture for tiny spaces is one of the most challenging things you can do. While you want your living room to look and feel comfortable, going for that big plush sofa isn’t a good idea. Instead, select furniture that can offer the most seating without consuming too much space. This means you should opt for sectional sofas, stools, and cushions and avoid large armchairs or sofas. Having multi-functional furniture should be your priority. Your curtains should complement the furniture and colors you have chosen for the walls. If the space is too small, consider going for roller blinds.

Small living rooms need to have fewer items that are properly arranged. To make your room feel big, you need to choose the right colors and keep the space tidy at all times. Install floating shelves and other storage options to keep away items you don’t use regularly. Whether it is the floor or your walls, make sure that every part of the room is designed to make the room feel bigger.

Overall, you don’t have to spend much to make your home cozy. You can incorporate any of the ideas mentioned above to brighten the room and increase storage space. If you aren’t sure of the colors to choose or décor to add, you can always contact a professional.

home improvement

Self-Made: Economical Do-It-Yourself Suggestions for Home Improvement

DIY or do-it-yourself projects are great ways for you to economize while making improvements on your home. Not only that, but it’s also a way to practice your skills in home repair and woodworking. These projects are widely available, and kits are affordable.

You can find them in any hardware store, and supplies are always on shelves. There’s almost no reason for you to ignore the possibilities and not attempt a project or two. It may seem challenging at first, but just like any other hobby; you can learn to do it better as you practice.

Put that DIY magic to your advantage and apply it to the purpose of meeting your home’s needs.

Artsy Accents

Paintings and other works of art are staples when it comes to home décor. Although they usually have a high price, you won’t need millions of dollars to obtain similar pieces. Many artists nowadays sell prints of their work that are available online through websites that offer the service of producing them. What’s great about it is that you get to choose from a vast array of concepts and themes.

When it comes to the DIY part of it, frames aren’t included in most of these products, so you might as well apply your customization know-how and put it to the test. Materials for making a frame as well as mounting, such as foam adhesive strips, are easy to find and are quite affordable.

Extra Storage


Another need that can be filled by DIY projects is storage. If you’re going to have additional spaces built into your home, it can take a while before you get to use it and the wait can be torturous. Fortunately, do-it-yourself cabinets are available for you.

They’re easy to build and are usually made from lightweight materials, so even children can help you with them. You don’t even have to buy kits if you’re experienced enough with woodworking.

If you have spare wood lying around, you can repurpose and shape them into the desired parts you need to create your own furniture. It’s not only a money-saving idea but also great for the environment since you’re practically recycling.

Outdoor Improvement

It’s not only the interior that could use a little freshening up by your hands. Your home’s exterior and your property as a whole open a lot of possible improvements. One such area is the lawn.

If you’re like any other person who wants to make it look good, you’ll most likely hire a landscaper to take care of it all. But there are things that can be accomplished by your own hands.

For example, you can construct plant boxes with the use of everyday materials such as spare wood or even repurposed pottery. Do you want to have a play area for your kids? You can also apply your DIY skills to make it! You only need to be resourceful and imaginative enough.

It’s always nice to know that you can improve your home without calling in a lot of outside labor and spending much on materials. All you need is a bit of imagination and basic construction skills to perform such enhancements that will positively affect your home life.

Kitchen and dining area of an apartment

Unit Upgrade: How to Convince Your Landlord to Agree to a Renovation Project

Your apartment is a part of you, even if you’re only renting it. As much as you love your space the way it is, there’s always room for improvement. But don’t get too excited to overhaul your apartment. Every rental property has its set of rules enforced by the landlord. You’ll need a solid strategy to get your landlord’s nod to any major changes to your unit.

Here’s what you can do to get that dream renovation going.

Start with Small Improvements

It’s always smart to build a good professional relationship with your landlord, especially if you want to make significant changes to your unit, such as installing new windows. One of the ways you can win your landlord’s trust is by making small improvements to your unit. Start with changing old wallpaper or replacing old taps. Once you’ve racked up these small achievements, try asking your landlord if you could take on bigger projects.

Do Your Research

Woman researchingBefore proposing anything to your landlord, it’s important to do your due diligence and read up on your rental contract. See if it says anything about the extent of changes a renter can make. If you want to make a big renovation to fix an issue, it’s also in your best interest to review Salt Lake City laws on major repairs. If there’s anything that can convince even the sternest landlords, it’s cold, hard facts.

Prepare and Present Designs

When making a case for changes, it helps to provide visual aids for your landlord to see. Try to start with creating a mood board with designs you found online. If you don’t know where to start, try signing up to and searching for designs that fit your vision.

Talk About Adding Value

Improving a feature in any property will increase its value, but it depends on whether that change is actually worth the time or money to do. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are almost always going to give big returns, so your landlord might be inclined to allow them. They won’t always be on board with more experimental and personal projects, though.

The best thing to do is to find a middle ground between your preferences and your landlord’s potential profit or benefit from the renovation. If you do plan on renovating your old kitchen, you might have to opt for a neutral color scheme to make sure it will be fairly acceptable to the next tenant – should you decide to move out.

If you have a bit of interior design or architectural know-how, draft a plan for your improvement. You can also walk your landlord through your apartment to show them the spot you propose changing. Reasonable landlords can make an informed decision when they have a clear picture of what you want to get done.

While you do have the right to make major changes to your unit, landlords are often the ones who initiate renovations. It’s important to create a clear case for them to allow your plan. Give them solid evidence that justifies your proposed improvement. Have an estimate of how it will cost, too. They’ll usually pitch in if they think it’ll add significant value to the apartment. If they’re reluctant to do so, volunteer to shoulder the bulk or all the renovation expenses. It is your personal project, after all.