What Baby Equipment to Bring and Rent When Travelling

Travelling with a baby in tow can be difficult, not to mention stressful. Even if that’s the case, it’s a fun bonding experience to travel with your baby, especially if you’re just a new parent. Things can get difficult, however, if you do not know which baby equipment to bring and which ones to rent, as there are many things to remember when it comes to what to pack for your baby.

Here, we will discuss some of the things you should just rent from a baby rental in Miami.

The Stroller

While some strollers are easily collapsible and light, they can still be bulky and difficult to carry, especially if you are travelling with only your baby and no adult companion around. Renting a stroller is always the wiser decision. If you want something to put your things in when travelling, then go ahead and bring the stroller with you.

If you do not want to bring the stroller, then make sure to bring a baby carrier or saddle with you so you will not have a hard time carrying your baby all the time.

The Car Seat

Mom and baby

There is just no point in bringing a car seat with you since you will be most likely seated on a plane. This only makes sense if you are traveling by land 100% of the time and are using your own car or a rental car. If you are only planning to use it as soon as you land, then leave that bulky car seat at home and rent one instead.

The Crib

Of course, there is no sense in bringing a crib or travel cot with you, unless you want to go over baggage. Search for the best travel cots or cribs in advance, so you would know where you could rent one as soon as you land in your destination.

If you are renting a hotel, ask them if they can provide a crib or a travel cot for your baby. Most hotels and accommodations will provide one, but make sure to let them know ahead of time so they can prepare for it.

The High Chair

Again, there is no sense in bringing a high chair with you when travelling with your baby. Besides, most restaurants and establishments will offer a high chair if they see you with a baby in tow. If they don’t offer right away, then you can always ask.

If you really want to bring a high chair with you for your baby’s convenience, then try bringing a travel or fabric high chair instead, as these ones are easier to pack and assemble.

Sure, you can bring some of your baby’s favorite toys with you when you travel, but make sure that they are not the bulky ones. Keep them in a separate bag or container so you can easily find them when your baby looks for them. Keep a baby travel checklist to know which ones you have to pack when travelling with your baby. Enjoy and be safe!

5 Things to Do for Your Big Trip to a Small Town

When it comes to holiday road trip destinations, the big cities are usually up there on the list: Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, or San Francisco. These all offer unique experiences, but can cost quite a bit.

If you’ve been living in the city your entire life, it’s a good idea to take a breather from life in the fast lane every now and then. Instead of booking a flight to Hollywood, why don’t you try taking a trip to a small, charming destination? While they may not have as many fancy bars, celebrities, towers, or skyscrapers, small towns like Spring Hill, Kansas, have the unique restaurants, landmarks, attractions, and local personalities that would make for a great trip.

If you’re ready to backpack through Little Town, U.S.A., here are some things you can do to make your small-town trip a great one:

Talk to the locals

Sure, you may find articles about lists of things to do in a small town online, but the best way to know where to go, what to eat, or what to do is to ask a local. These people have interesting things to share about their town – local history, curious stories, and town legends. These stories may change how you perceive the place. By interacting with a townie, you don’t only make your trip more personal, but you also make new friends.

Eat at local restaurants

Grilled Chicken

Even small towns have a McDonald’s or two, but if you’re a visitor, it’s best to go to local bars or cafes for a bite. Usually, these places feature local dishes you’d only get to try if you’re in the area. They can be exotic or new to you, but these local specialties can make your trip even more special. Besides, when you support these places, you also support the local business owners.

Get yourself a cabbie

Try to get a cab to get around, instead of renting a car. This way, you can really take in the scenery while you’re going around. Not only will riding a cab give you a chance to take in the sights, but your cab driver can even be your tour guide– just don’t forget to give them a tip!

Don’t miss a night out

Life is different when the sun is up and when the stars are out. The nightlife in small towns may be a lot quieter than in big cities, but that doesn’t mean these places don’t have anything to offer. If you’re with friends, go to the clubs to dance, have fun, and drink a beer with the locals. If you’re on the trip alone, you can go to 24-hour diners or a bar. Make friends with other patrons, owners, and staff.

Take pictures (and not just of places)

Eventually, all vacations end. This is why while you still have the chance, take pictures of the scenery, attractions, and food. And don’t forget to photograph the people you meet along the way (selfies count!).

You don’t have to go where everyone else does. Small towns are often overlooked, but if you give them a chance. these places always have something interesting to offer. These places off the beaten track can make up for their size with rich, memorable stories.